Development and Supply of Eco-products

Our Stance

OMRON conducts product assessment (chart below) at the product planning and design stages to verify the energy conservation capabilities and recyclability of its products at every stage of their life span. Through this endeavor, OMRON strives to develop products with minimal environmental impact.

Product Assessment Flow

FY2016 Overview

In fiscal 2016, OMRON developed products with improved energy conservation capabilities and recyclability by conducting product assessment.

In 1998, OMRON began developing products that have a reduced impact on the environment. Called "Eco-products," these products are certified to have met environmental objectives through product assessment. In fiscal 2017, the eco-product certification criteria were revised to focus on the environmental contribution of the product.

Eco-product Certification System

Eco-product Certification Criteria

Environmental factors
Energy-saving Reduction in electricity consumption during use/standby
Resource conservation Reduction in use of main materials
Direct contribution Products originally developed for contribution to environmental preservation