OMRON’s medium-term management plan, VG2.0, has defined four focus domains. One of these is the Mobility domain, which our goal is to create a stress-free, safe, comfortable urban traffic system. The main OMRON businesses tied to mobility are our Automotive Electronic Components Business (AEC) and our Social Systems, Solutions and Service Business (SSB). Under these two segments, we pursue safety, convenience, and free traffic flow through automobile components, traffic and road management systems, and railway station management systems. OMRON will continue building a mobility society in which people around the world can live in a safe, secure, comfortable, and clean environment.

OMRON’s Initiatives to Solve Social Issues

Eliminating Driver Error

Nearly 80 percent of Japan’s traffic accidents occur due to inattention ahead of the vehicle and other similar driver error. Elderly drivers, increasing in number over the past several years, have been a major factor in such accidents.
The world’s leading auto manufacturers and many other companies are developing driving safety support technologies to address this serious social issue. At OMRON, we are combining our expertise in automotive electronics technologies and road and traffic control to develop technologies used both inside and outside the vehicle. These technologies will support safer driving and lead ultimately to a more secure, safer mobility society.

Fiscal 2020 Targets and Fiscal 2017 Progress

Looking to the Near Future

Advanced Driver Information Sensing

We have launched a new initiative in safe driving technology: Driver biological information diagnosis. We are integrating our industry-leading biological information sensing technologies (blood pressure, pulse wave) into safe driving systems to manage the physical condition of a driver. We expect this technology will be used in applications to prevent accidents of the type caused by the incapacity of an elderly person behind the wheel.

Social Value