Launched in fiscal 2017, OMRON’s new medium-term management plan, VG2.0, has defined four focus domains. One of these is the Mobility domain, and its goal is to achieve urban transportation (cars, trains, etc.) that is safe, stress-free, and comfortable. The businesses in this domain are the Automotive Electronic Components Business (AEC) and the Social Systems, Solutions, and Service Business (SSB). OMRON pursues safety, convenience, and free traffic flow for automobiles. It offers these same benefits in road traffic/social infrastructure systems through its automotive components, traffic and road management systems, as well as railway station management systems. OMRON will strive to provide the world with products and systems for a mobility society in which people around the world can live in a safe, secure, comfortable, and clean environment.

Social Issues

Increase in accidents involving senior citizens among advanced countries
More accidents, congestion, and environmental burden in emerging economies

Cars have made our lives more convenient. At the same time, however, we seem to find more and greater issues in mobility society every year. For example, advanced countries are experiencing an increase in the number of accidents caused by senior drivers (mistaking the accelerator for the brake; wrong-way driving on freeways, etc.) And it’s not just senior drivers; as many as 80% of automobile accidents are caused by human error. Clearly, something must be done. As emerging economies rapidly become motorized, accidents and congestion multiply. Automobile emissions place a heavier burden on the environment. To solve these problems, auto makers and others are working on automated driving and eco cars. These companies are engaged in improving road traffic and social infrastructure to realize the goal of a safer, more eco-friendly society. OMRON solves these problems through technology and innovations based on its years of experience in developing automotive components and traffic and road management systems.

Number of Accidents Involving Senior Citizen Drivers

OMRON’S Initiatives

Safe and secure urban development

To solve the problems of mobility society, we must deal with cars, people, and traffic. In 2016, OMRON developed the world’s first onboard sensor featuring driver sensing technology, which senses a driver’s condition in real time. This technology prevents accidents caused by drivers who are not in a condition to continue driving. Developments here promise to assist safe driving, eventually leading to automated driving. One of OMRON’s strengths is in technologies and products that provide optimal control of the flow of cars, traffic, and people. For example, OMRON’s traffic and road management systems incorporate traffic sensing and automotive sensors that sense people and cars. This sensing and control coordinates traffic and roads, resulting in a safer, more comfortable mobility society. This can help alleviate traffic congestion by sensing car behavior and optimizing road and traffic control according to the conditions detected. OMRON is also deeply engaged in developing automotive electronic products to reducing CO2 emissions and environmental impact. These products fulfill its goal of creating a sustainable, eco-friendly society. OMRON aims to assist in the advancement of mobility society and preserve the global environment at the same time through its products and services.

Goals for Fiscal 2020

  • Creation of driving safety support systems/technologies (SSB)
  • Creation of 360-degree around-the-vehicle recognition technology for advanced driver assistance system/autonomous driving (AEC)
  • Automobiles with environmentally friendly products: 10 million units/year

Relevant Sustainable Development Goal

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Affordable and Clean Energy

Good Health and Well-Being

Social Value