Energy Management

OMRON’s medium-term management plan, VG2.0, has defined four focus domains. One of these is the Energy Management domain, which advances the adoption of renewable energy to reduce CO2 emissions and build a society in which people live in comfort. We work with our partners to promote the use of power conditioners and storage battery systems for the benefit of a clean environment. The OMRON Environmental Solutions Business (under corporate headquarters) and OMRON Field Engineering Co., Ltd. (maintenance and services subsidiary of OMRON Social Solutions Co., Ltd.) are the two entities through which we mainly conduct our environmental business.

OMRON’s Initiatives to Solve Social Issues

An Expanding Renewable Energy Market

While industrial activity has made our modern lives much more convenient, this same activity has given rise to increasing levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Today, we face the risk of major environmental damage and economic loss. Worldwide, policies have been proposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with COP21*. The government of Japan has set targets to increase the use of energy from renewable sources from 15 percent (fiscal 2015) to 24 percent by the year 2030. Forecasts estimate the use of solar power will double, from 3.3 percent to seven percent in that same time frame.
OMRON is doing our part to promote renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gases through power conditioners and storage batteries used in connection with solar power systems.

  • * COP21 (2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference): Conference held in Paris in 2015 to discuss measures to deal with global warming in 2020 and beyond. The proposed new framework was intended to supersede the Kyoto Protocol.

Fiscal 2020 Targets and Fiscal 2017 Progress

Looking to the Near Future

Building a Power Aggregation Market Using Solar Power and Storage Batteries

More companies around the world are embracing the international RE100* initiative, adopting renewable energy for the transition to a low-carbon society. Demand for renewable energy is rising in Japan, just as in many regions, requiring aggregation of electricity and effective controls. OMRON is leveraging our strengths in equipment installation, servicing, and maintenance to create an aggregation business that bundles electricity from solar power systems with controls and intelligently networked equipment.

  • * RE100 is an international initiative supported by companies committed to using 100% renewable power.

Social Value