Energy Management

Launched in fiscal 2017, OMRON’s new medium-term management plan, VG2.0, has defined four focus domains. One of these is the Energy Management domain, which addresses a market for creating a world in which people can live comfortably through increased use of renewable energy. Effective energy management is also OMRON’s response to climate change caused by rising levels of CO2 emissions. The business segment in this domain is the Environmental Solutions Business under the direct control of OMRON headquarters. OMRON contributes to a cleaner global environment by providing PV inverters for solar energy systems that create renewable energy. OMRON also supplies electricity storage systems that enable effective use of energy.

Social Issues

Acceleration of global warming due to increasing CO2 levels

Global warming is a global environmental issue caused by increasing emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2. Scientists predict an increase in unusual weather patterns and a rise in sea level as our atmosphere heats up. These changes will bring environmental destruction and economic losses on a global scale. While ever-increasing industrial activity may enrich people’s lives, it is also damaging the global environment. In response to these issues, Japan submitted a draft resolution to the United Nations in 2015. This resolution targets a 26% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030 compared to 2013 levels. The Japanese government announced the need for a 40% reduction in residential and business emissions to reach this goal. Worldwide, policies have been proposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with COP21*1. In response to these initiatives, OMRON will contribute to the growing market of renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gases by providing PV inverters and storage systems for photovoltaic systems.

  • *1 COP21 (2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference): Conference held in Paris in 2015 to discuss measures to deal with global warming in 2020 and beyond. The proposed new framework was intended to supersede the Kyoto Protocol.

Outlook for Equipment Capacity Based on Worldwide Renewable Energy

OMRON’s Initiatives

Maximizing energy efficiency

OMRON offers a wide range of products and services that maximize energy efficiency. Its concept is to generate energy without waste, to store energy effectively, and to use energy wisely. PV inverters convert direct current electricity generated by solar panels into the alternating current used in homes and other applications. OMRON PV inverters are used at homes and in industries across Japan. OMRON has held the leading share in the home-use market for the past five consecutive years. In 2015, OMRON introduced our hybrid storage system for photovoltaic system. With this system, a single PV inverter can handle both solar panels and storage batteries. This system makes efficient use of energy generated from sunlight and supports what is expected to be a rapidly growing demand for captive consumption of photovoltaic system. OMRON will continue to maximize energy efficiency and contribute to a sustainable society by expanding its lineup of solar PV inverters and storage systems.

Goals for Fiscal 2020

PV / storage system cumulative shipped capacity 11.2GW

Relevant Sustainable Development Goal

Affordable and Clean Energy

Social Value