For future generations

The world is changing at a drastic pace. While the issues facing the Earth change moment by moment, technological innovations are taking place throughout the world,
with typical examples being Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Robotics.

Increasingly urgent social issues

OMRON has drawn up a medium-term management plan for the new era,
as we strive to resolve social issues by creating innovation, and pass on a better society to future generations.

Challenges that OMRON aims to meet on the way to 2020

Our long-term vision targeting the decade leading to 2020 is called
“Value Generation 2020 (VG2020).” Announced in 2011,
OMRON set the goal of becoming “a value-generator for people and

the Earth that is qualitatively and quantitatively superior.”
In fiscal 2017, OMRON launched the final
medium-term management plan toward the achievement of VG2020 goals.
With the aim of resolving issues that will emerge
in society resulting from unprecedented changes worldwide,
we named the new medium-term management plan “VG2.0.”


We will strive to create innovation based on technological evolution revolving around OMRON’s core technology of
“Sensing & Control + Think.” We will do so through collaborations with
our customers and partners as we aim to achieve further growth by addressing social issues.

OMRON’s Medium-Term Management Plan “VG2.0”

Sense, Think and Control. For a Brighter Future for People and the Earth.

Our goal is to address the challenges facing people and the Earth today, in order to build an optimal future.
We will continue to strive for “a value-generator for people and the Earth that is qualitatively and
quantitatively superior” to help achieve a sustainable Earth and society through our sensing and control technologies.

Target Image for VG2.0

A value-generator for people and the Earth that is qualitatively and quantitatively superior

Sales (FY2020):
1 trillion yen
Operating income (FY2020):
100 billion yen

OMRON Group’s Policy

Achieve self-driven growth by proactively creating
innovation originated by technological evolution

OMRON will advance our core technologies through technological
innovation and leverage them to address social issues.
While generating value for people and the Earth through business,
OMRON will also attain its own self-development.

Pivotal Strategies

  • To identify the potential issues and needs of customers and explore business opportunities based on them, OMRON seeks to develop essential technologies ahead of others and commercialize them. By doing so, OMRON will implement its unique customer-centric technology management.
  • OMRON intends to encourage a diversity of people to actively exchange opinions and link together to generate new synergistic reactions. To this end, OMRON will strengthen its people, organizations, corporate culture, and work environment to help people enjoy the process of creating innovation together.
  • OMRON will enhance operations and functions that accelerate innovation.

Value that OMRON seeks to generate in high-growth fields

“Innovation driven by social needs” is one of the elements that comprise
the OMRON Principles. OMRON has gained a deep insight into
changes in society and the anticipated emerging needs of society,
specifying four focus domains. To pass on a better Earth to future generations,
OMRON will help resolve social issues through innovation.