Manufacturing / Environment

For Us and for the Future of the Earth

A sustainable cycle of production and consumption is indispensable to the future of the planet. In every corner of the world, society demands manufacturing processes and consumer behavior that are safer, more secure, and better for the environment.

Start with OMRON

By adhering to our Manufacturing Policy, OMRON aims to ensure that product quality is top priority, that we make only the necessary items at the necessary times, and only in the necessary amounts, that we focus on humanity, and that we use limited resources carefully. We are committed to Green OMRON 2020, striving for sustainable manufacturing practices. We will expend ever effort to establish sustainable procurement practices with our supply partners.

FY2020 Goals

  • Product safety assessments for newly developed products: 100%
  • Improve product safety assessments
  • Reduce total GHG emissions by 4 percent (vs. fiscal 2016)
  • Environmental contribution to exceed CO2 emissions from production centers