Factory Automation

A brighter future for the Earth

Today, there is a growing need for the development of industries in which anyone can take part and an infrastructure that facilitates innovation everywhere.
Our goal is to enrich the lives of people across the world by enabling anyone to access high-function products wherever they live. We also aim to allow many people to participate in manufacturing products.
To make this happen, manufacturing practices must be made easier, whether for developed countries with workforce shortages or emerging nations with a large workforce but a deficit of skilled workers.

From the perspective of OMRON …

What OMRON can do for future manufacturing

Sensing & Control + Think

Incorporating human knowledge
into machines to evolve
Sensors and controllers
that can think for themselves

Challenges OMRON has begun to address

Bringing innovation to manufacturing through three “i’s”
Evolution in controlintegrated
More advanced manufacturing
Intelligence developed through ICTintelligent
Manufacturing with self-learning machines that evolve
New harmonization between humans and machinesinteractive
Flexible manufacturing enabling human operators and machines to work collaboratively

"innovative-Automation" is OMRON's concept name for the value provided by our solutions. We work to improve manufacturing sites through the principles of integration, intelligence and interactivity.

Value for people and the Earth that OMRON seeks to generate

By enabling a diversity of people to engage in manufacturing, we will eliminate workforce shortages, contributing to economic development by enhancing social productivity.

Value for people and the Earth that OMRON seeks to generate

FY2020 Goals

New innovative-Automation products across four focus industries
- Control technology for manufacturing innovation -