New Website Opened for OMRON Electronics Korea Co., Ltd.


Kyoto, Japan - OMRON Corporation (TOKYO: 6645, ADR: OMRNY) today announced that its industrial automation business (OMRON IA) has opened a new website for OMRON Electronics Korea Co., Ltd. (OEK). This manufacturer website is provided in the Korean language and can be accessed at the following URL.

This new website brings the total number of websites opened by OMRON IA in various countries to 44 to provide OMRON's global customers with even more complete information services. The OEK website is centered around new product information, but also provides a detailed service structure for email enquires, as well as phone numbers for direct phone inquires for each product group to more efficiently provide local information to customers.
We will continue developing the OEK website to provide member services, customized homepages, and other functionality.


Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, OMRON Corporation is a global leader in the field of automation. Established in 1933 and headed by President & CEO Hisao Sakuta, OMRON has over 35,000 employees in 38 countries working to provide products and services to customers in a variety of fields, including industrial automation, electronic components, social systems (ticket gate machines, ticket vending machines, and traffic control), and healthcare. For more information, visit OMRON's website at

Osamu Harasawa
Management Administration Division
Strategy Planning Division
Industrial Automation Company
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1-11-1 Ohsaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: +81-3-3779-9434

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