OMRON awarded first "Sports Yell Companies 2024 Bronze” for sports activities of employees

  • January 31, 2024

OMRON Corporation (HQ: Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto. President and CEO: Junta Tsujinaga) announced today that it has been recognized as Sports Yell Companies 2024 by the Japan Sports Agency as a company that actively engages in sports activities to promote employee health. This is our fifth certification and the first time to be certified as "Bronze". OMRON Expert Link Co., Ltd., a group company, was also certified as a Sports Yell Company, while OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd. bagged a “Bronze”.

OMRON aims to be a pioneer in creating social needs, and the health of our employees is accordingly fundamental to our business. We will unite to do our utmost to create a positive working environment full of smiles and vitality so all our people can innovate to solve various social issues.
The OMRON Group regards employees’ health maintenance and improvement as indispensable for the development of the Group, and thus formulated “Employee Health and Productivity”. One of these initiatives is the "Boost 5," a set of five common indicators for the entire OMRON Group to promote health management: exercise, sleep, mental health, diet, and smoking cessation. Each item is analyzed and evaluated to improve employee performance and engagement, and to foster a culture of challenge.

At the Sports Yell Company 2024, employees were evaluated on the promotion of walking activities using health apps, the encouragement of sports activities through participation in the Kyoto Marathon, and the development of an office environment that improves physical activity through regular work.

[Major Initiatives Evaluated]
●Promotion of Walking Activities Using Health Apps Since 2022, we have been using health apps to track the number of steps taken by employees every day and to manage targets. We also hold walking rallies twice a year for all group employees for 2 months to promote walking activities.

●Encouraging Sports Activities through Participation in the Kyoto Marathon
Since 2012, OMRON has been recruiting employee runners for Kyoto The first Kyoto Marathon in 2012 recruits employee runners every year, and many employees participate. 166 people are scheduled to participate in the event in February 2023. Virtual training is being held as a related event.

●Creating an office environment that prevents people from being sedentary
By installing standing desks in meeting spaces and work spaces, the company is promoting the installation of office equipment to eliminate the physical inactivity caused by prolonged sitting, and encouraging people to increase their physical activity throughout their regular work hours.

OMRON will continue to work to create diverse human resources that challenge value creation in order to realize its long-term vision, Shaping the Future 2030. As part of this effort, Omron will work to create a healthy workplace full of smiles and vitality by creating an environment where all employees can work actively through health promotion activities such as encouraging physical activity.

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