Vulnerability information

May 27, 2024 Factory Automation OMSR-2024-005 Multiple vulnerabilities caused by OpenSSL in NJ/NX-series Machine Automation Controllers
May 27, 2024 Factory Automation OMSR-2024-004 Insufficient Verification of Data Authenticity vulnerability in the NJ/NX-series Mach
April 22, 2024 Factory Automation OMSR-2024-003Out-of-bounds Read vulnerability in CX-Programmer
April 22, 2024 Factory Automation OMSR-2024-002Free of Pointer not at Start of Buffer vulnerability in Common Modules of Sysmac Studio and CX-One
March 7, 2024 Factory Automation OMSR-2024-001Path Traversal vulnerability in NJ/NX-series Machine Automation Controllers
October 23, 2023 Factory Automation OMSR-2023-011Vulnerability Report on Improper Restriction of XML External Entity Reference in CX-Designer
September 19, 2023 Factory Automation OMSR-2023-010Improper Control of Interaction Frequency in FINS protocol between the CS/CJ/CP-series Programable Controllers
September 19, 2023 Factory Automation OMSR-2023-009Improper Authorization Vulnerability in Automation Software Sysmac Studio
September 19, 2023 Factory Automation OMSR-2023-008Pass Traversal Vulnerability in Automation Software Sysmac Studio and NX-IO Configurator
August 1, 2023 Factory Automation OMSR-2023-007NicheStack TCP/IP stack Vulnerabilities on EtherNet/IP™ option board for Multi-function Compact Inverter 3G3MX2
August 1, 2023
(Last modified)September 19, 2023
Factory AutomationOMSR-2023-006Vulnerability that could cause a Denial of Service (DoS) state in the built-in EtherNet/IP™ port of the CJ Series CJ2 CPU unit and the CS/CJ series EtherNet/IP™ unit
August 1, 2023Factory AutomationOMSR-2023-005Out-of-bounds Read, Use After Free and Heap-based Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities in CX-Programmer
April 24, 2023
(Last modified)August 1, 2023
Factory AutomationOMSR-2023-004Support tool CX-Drive for inverter/servo heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability
April 17, 2023
(Last modified)September 19, 2023
Factory AutomationOMSR-2023-003About Known Issues in the FINS Protocol Implemented in Omron Products
April 17, 2023Factory AutomationOMSR-2023-002Missing Authentication Vulnerabilities related to file system of CS/CJ-series Programmable Controllers
March 13, 2023Factory AutomationOMSR-2023-001Vulnerabilities related to bypass of user memory protection function of CS/CJ/CP-series Programmable Controllers
January 24, 2023Factory AutomationJVNVU#94200979Improper restriction of XML external entity reference (XXE) vulnerability in OMRON CX-Motion Pro
January 11, 2023Factory AutomationJVNVU#91744508Access of uninitialized pointer vulnerability in OMRON CX-Motion-MCH
January 11, 2023Factory AutomationJVNVU#97575890Active debug code vulnerability in OMRON CP1L-EL20DR-D
December 22, 2022Factory AutomationICSA-22-356-04Omron CX-Programmer
December 19, 2022Factory AutomationJVNVU#92689335Use-after-free vulnerability in Omron CX-Drive
October 04, 2022Factory AutomationICSA-22-277-04OMRON CX-Programmer
August 30, 2022Factory AutomationICSA-22-242-09Omron CX-Programmer
July 01, 2022Factory AutomationOMSR-2022-002Malicious program execution vulnerability in NJ/NXseries Machine Automation Controllers
July 01, 2022Factory AutomationOMSR-2022-001Authentication bypass vulnerabilities in communications functions of NJ/NX-series Machine Automation Controllers
June 28, 2022Factory AutomationICSA-22-179-02Omron SYSMAC CS/CJ/CP Series and NJ/NX Series
March 29, 2022Factory AutomationICSA-22-088-02Omron CX-Position
March 04, 2022Factory AutomationJVNVU#90121984Multiple vulnerabilities in OMRON CX-Programmer
January 06, 2022Factory AutomationICSA-22-006-01Omron CX-One
October 15, 2021Factory AutomationJVNVU#90041391OMRON CX-Supervisor vulnerable to out-of-bounds read
May 11, 2021Factory AutomationICSA-21-131-01Omron CX-One
January 07, 2021Factory AutomationICSA-21-007-02Omron CX-One
March 03, 2020Factory AutomationICSA-20-063-03Omron PLC CJ Series
December 19, 2019Factory AutomationICSA-19-318-04Omron CX-Supervisor
December 12, 2019Factory AutomationICSA-19-346-02Omron PLC CJ and CS Series
December 12, 2019Factory AutomationICSA-19-346-03Omron PLC CJ, CS and NJ Series
November 05, 2019 Factory AutomationICSA-19-309-01Omron CX-Supervisor
November 05, 2019Factory AutomationICSA-19-134-01Omron Network Configurator for DeviceNet
April 04, 2019Factory AutomationICSA-19-094-01Omron CX-Programmer
January 17, 2019Factory AutomationICSA-19-017-01Omron CX-Supervisor
January 10, 2019Factory AutomationICSA-19-010-02Omron CX-One CX-Protocol
December 04, 2018Factory AutomationICSA-18-338-01Omron CX-One
October 17, 2018Factory AutomationICSA-18-290-01Omron CX-Supervisor
April 10, 2018Factory AutomationICSA-18-100-02Omron CX-One
March 13, 2018Factory AutomationICSA-18-072-01Omron CX-Supervisor
October 01, 2015Factory AutomationICSA-15-274-01Omron Multiple Product Vulnerabilities
July 22, 2014Factory AutomationICSA-14-203-01Omron NS Series HMI Vulnerabilities