OMRON Engaged Visitors with Transformative Human-Machine Integration at CES

CES 2018

As many of you know, CES is known as the largest electronics exhibition in the world, with over 4,000 exhibiting companies, 184,000 attendees which includes 7,460 media attendees from around the world.

CES 2018, Las Vegas, hosted a world of technological amusement and trends, providing an excellent opportunity to connect with interested visitors, customers, and potential technology and innovation partners. Visitors shared valuable insight with industry leaders, driving the next generation of ideas and inspiration while companies shared their latest advancements in everything - expansion of sensors in IoT, experience-rich augmented reality (AR) technology, facial recognition solutions, life-saving healthcare systems, the next level of deep learning in AI and robotics, and so much more.

The OMRON Exhibits


OMRON made its presence at CES, for the first time in its 80-year history, showcasing a vast range of exciting and innovative possibilities in automation, mobility, energy management, and healthcare. For four days the team shared its vision and highlighted its core competencies in human-machine integration, including applications in AI, robotics, sensing and control, and ubiquitous OKAO邃「 Vision technology, familiar to many through its use in more than 500 million devices worldwide.

Beyond technologies based on business applications, concept robot, FORPHEUS, playfully demonstrated the ability to bring together a multitude of technologies and apply them to areas that meet human-machine integrative challenges, and succeed. Visitors realized that FORPHEUS possesses sensing and thinking abilities to adjust to any player's skill level - anticipating smashes or making trajectory predictions as well as ball-speed analyses. To the surprise of all who tried, instantly accumulated data allowed the motion controller at the heart of FORPHEUS to make the decisions necessary to keep game rallies going.


A major trend in CES 2018 was the practical application of artificial intelligence as well as connected IoT. In the field of factory automation and robotics, OMRON demonstrated a combination of greater productivity and flexibility with increased safety as one of the leading platform providers. Visitors also came to understand how human-machine interface is utilized for road safety purposes through non-invasive early-stage driver drowsiness detection called vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) technology.


On the global stage of pioneering robotics and AI, booth visitors immersed themselves in the OMRON vision, benefiting the society of today while working to meet the social needs of tomorrow.

Attendee Impressions


Visitors to our booth at CES experienced just how far AI technology has come. Many realized the importance of making actual human physical assistance a reality through robotics. The primary theme of the exhibition booth was human-machine integration in practice, engaging attendees on multiple levels. Many experienced what it is like challenging the aforementioned FORPHEUS to an exciting game of ping-pong while others actually sat in the driver's seat of a vehicle simulation letting VOR determine their road worthiness. The CEO of a major e-sports franchise pronounced, "OMRON is not only getting it right but is setting the trend for the future of similar human-machine interfacing technologies by pushing the envelope to the next phase in robotics."

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