7 new OMRON technical papers published

We are pleased to introduce you that 9 new papers have been published on the web.

Establishment and Utilization of Technological Knowledge Global Sharing System
In OMRON窶冱 factory automation business, engineers around the world provide effective technical solutions to address customer manufacturing issues, in order to bring more value to customers.

Dimensional Stabilization by Controlling the Higher-order Structure of Polyester Polymers in Electronic Components
IMAIZUMI Toyohiro / OTANI Osamu
In mechanical devices such as relays and switches, polyester-based polymer molded products are used because of their excellent mechanical/electrical characteristics.

Multi-pulse Fiber Laser Technology That Realizes Deep Marking on Metal
YOSHITAKE Naoki / YOKOI Tadamasa
Recently, social interest in safety and security has increased, and in addition to quality improvement that does not bring defective products to the market, traceability to manage target parts and the manufacturing process is important for quick identification when defects occur.

Improvement of Defect Classification of Web Inspection System by AI Technology
In recent years, labor force issues have become more serious, such as the declining labor force or the reduction in the number of skilled workers at manufacturing sites.

A Proposal for a Causal Analysis Method for Product Defect by Integrating Control Program Analysis and Data Analysis
KAWANOUE Shinsuke / OTA Yuya / SUDA Keishi
In recent years with the trend toward IoT, there has been an increase in cases of causal analysis for product defects in the Factory Automation (FA) field.

High Resolution Coaxial Displacement Sensor Using Small Diameter Fiber for Thickness Measurement
HAYAKAWA Masayuki / KIMURA Kazuya / FUJIWARA Naoki / MORINO Hisayasu
In in-line thickness inspection of glass and film for displays, there is a need for a sensor that is easy to adjust during installation and can stably measure even when tilted because of fluttering or wrinkling during transport.

A Case Study of Real-Time Screw Tightening Anomaly Detection by Machine Learning Using Real-Time Processable Features
SAKAMOTO Yuki / NAKAMURA Yoshiyuki / SUGIOKA Masayuki
The replacement of human work with AI has been promoted in recent years because the labor shortage in the manufacturing industry has become remarkable.

We look forward to reading these papers.