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OMRON Global CES2020

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Las Vegas Convention Center
South Hall2
Jan 7 - 10, 2020

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, the world's largest home appliance trade show, was held in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 7 to 10th. OMRON has exhibited at the event for 3 consecutive years since 2018, showcasing the latest technologies based on its core technologies "Sensing & Control + Think".

At the exhibition booth, the 6th-generation table tennis robot “FORPHEUS” equipped with the latest AI was shown for the first time in the world. We also exhibited the OMRON’s cutting-edge technologies developed as the OMRON’s core business such as "MoMa", a combination of mobile and collaborative robots, AI-powered SCARA robots "i4", a wearable sphygmomanometer "HeartGuide" which won the "innovation award" at CES 2019, and biometric gate invented for near-future train stations.

More than 20,000 people, visited the OMRON’s exhibition booth during the four days.



Sixth generation FORPHEUS demonstrates core OMRON technologies, including sensing, control, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics as expressed in OMRON’s core technology “Sensing & Control + Think.” He now has an expanded range of movement, enhanced people and ball-sensing & prediction and more AI-powered personalized coaching skills.

Capable of recognizing and reacting to emotion in his human partner, enabling more personalized coaching.

The robot utilizes the Meta-AI technology from Square Enix to perceive emotions in real-time and react by adjusting the ball speed of returns. The purpose of this capability is to encourage the player to improve and ultimately achieve peak performance.

FORPHEUS | Intelligent Factory Automation | Social Solutions | Innovative Healthcare Technology

Intelligent Factory Automation

Our automation technology display at CES this year highlights how our machines work together in harmony with humans in a factory environment. The booth features robots, manufacturing equipment and sensors designed to improve worker safety, boost efficiency, and produce higher quality products. The latest solutions will appear alongside popular OMRON technologies from past shows, including mobile robots and laser engraving equipment.

Appearing for the first time in the Americas at CES 2020, the OMRON i4 next-generation industrial robot uses AI to detect and communicate the need for repairs and routine maintenance. Advanced sensing solutions used in manufacturing and other applications also are in the CES spotlight.

  • Laser engraving equipment
    Laser engraving equipment
  • Next-generation industrial robot
    OMRON i4 next-generation industrial robot

Social Solutions

We put our Sensing & Control + Think technology to the task of addressing societal challenges like mitigating damage from earthquakes and promoting seamless and sanitary interactions in public transportation ticketing.

The OMRON Environment Sensor, for example, is capable of detecting seismic activity and triggering the shutdown of potentially hazardous or easily damaged systems in the event of an earthquake. Another key technology is the holographic See Through Panel (STP) switch, which eliminates the need for physical contact with a button or other hardware to allow gate admission without physical contact.

  • Environment Sensor
    Environment Sensor
  • holographic See Through Panel (STP) switch
    Biometric gate
FORPHEUS | Intelligent Factory Automation | Social Solutions | Innovative Healthcare Technology

Innovative Healthcare Technology

OMRON’s healthcare innovations address heart health, respiratory health and pain management. At CES, OMRON showcases our technologies and digital health services designed to minimize the occurrence and impact of cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes – a mission named “Going for Zero”. Among other things, this year’s OMRON Corporation booth features HeartGuide, the first wearable blood pressure monitor in form of a wristwatch.

HeartGuide has FDA clearance as a medical device, which uses oscillometric measurement to provide medical-grade accuracy via convenient wrist measurement. Visitors to the OMRON Corporation booth get a demo of this innovative solution and an opportunity to interact with HeartAdvisor, its corresponding mobile app. HeartAdvisor empowers people with hypertension to change their behavior and live healthier lives.

  • Collaborative Robot
    HeartGuide and HeartAdvisor
  • Collaborative Robot


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Our Business

Industrial Automation

As an industrial automation pioneer, OMRON promotes technological innovation in manufacturing to meet and exceed quality, safety, and environmental requirements around the globe.


OMRON's spectrum of healthcare equipment and solutions, ranging from digital blood pressure monitors and asthma nebulizers to low frequency therapeutics, addresses key medical challenges to improve your quality of life.

Social Systems

We provide a diverse range of seamless transportation and infrastructure solutions such as automated ticketing gates and traffic control systems, bringing you maximum comfort and convenience in everyday life.

Environmental Solutions

Our environmentally friendly energy management solutions are designed to provide affordable, stable, sustainable energy sources worldwide.

Mechanical Components

We pride ourselves in high-performance mechanical components found in everyday consumer devices and electronics.

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