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Climate change has become a major global issue due to increasing emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2. Scientists predict an increase in unusual weather patterns and a rise in sea levels as the increase in the global surface temperature accelerates. These changes are projected to bring about environmental destruction and economic losses on a global scale. Despite such concerns, ever-increasing industrial activity continues to worsen damage to the global environment, although it may enrich people's lives.

To combat these issues, various measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are being taken in Japan and the rest of the world. In light of this trend, there is strong demand for companies to reconsider and revise the current use of energy by effectively utilizing natural energy sources.

OMRON promotes the spread of renewable energy, which will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions as we seek to realize a low-carbon society. To this end, we provide PV inverters for solar power systems, as well as emergy storage systems that enable more effective use of energy.


OMRON provides a wide variety of products and services that maximize energy efficiency. Our key concepts are to generate energy without waste, to store energy effectively, and to use energy wisely. Going forward, we will continuously do our part in building a sustainable society through the expansion of our product offerings.

  • “Energy generation without waste” - Efficient generation of solar power through monitoring/control of multiple grid-connected PV systems
    We offer a comprehensive range of equipment and services that enable full use of clean energy. Our AICOT® is the first of its kind in the industry to prevent islanding (a condition in which a solar power system continues to generate electricity even when electric power supply on the grid is interrupted) in multiple grid-linked PV systems. This technology contributes significantly to the prevalence of solar power generation.
  • “Effective storage of energy” - More efficient use of energy through the combination of solar energy systems and storage batteries
    OMRON developed a hybrid storage system in which a single PV inverter can handle both solar panels and storage batteries, enabling combined generation and storage of solar power. This system prepares users to meet the rapidly growing demand for captive use of solar power by presenting a smarter way to use energy.
  • “Smart use of energy” - Optimizing use of energy through “Sensing & Control + Think”
    High-precision energy measurement enables more efficient use of energy. With the arrival of the New Energy Age, OMRON pursues a new control technology that coordinates with external conditions, and that can supply excess power where needed.


  • Residential PV inverter market share in Japan: approximately
    * OMRON research
  • PV/storage system cumulative shipped capacity

Product & Services

  • PV Inverters for Solar Power Systems

  • Monitoring Systems

  • Surveillant Maintenance/O&M Service

  • Hybrid Storage System for Solar Power

  • Flexible Storage System for Residential and Industrial Use

  • Power Monitors

  • Protective Relays for High-Voltage Power Receiving Equipment

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