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Cars have made our lives more convenient, but they have also given rise to more and greater car-induced issues. For example, developed countries are experiencing an increase in the number of accidents caused by senior drivers mistaking the accelerator for the brake, etc. In fact, the number of accidents caused by senior drivers has increased more than three-fold compared to 20 years ago. Moreover, it's not just senior drivers; as many as 80% of automobile accidents are caused by human error from inattentive drivers. This situation requires urgent countermeasures.

As emerging economies rapidly motorize, accidents rise in number, along with the number of people suffering respiratory disease caused by automobile emissions. Based on the "best match between people and cars," we develop automotive electronic components that are indispensable for connected, autonomous, and electric vehicles, in order to help realize cars that are safer, more secure, and more environmentally friendly.


By drawing on OMRON's core competences in sensing and control, we supply automotive electronic components that are useful for enhancing safety and security, convenience and comfort, and environmental preservation and energy conservation.

Above all, we are currently concentrating on developing an onboard driver monitoring technology, with the aim of preventing accidents caused by drivers and contributing to the upcoming realization of autonomous driving. One of the outcomes of our R&D efforts is the world's first onboard sensor featuring OMRON's driver concentration sensing technology, which determines if a driver is in a suitable condition for safe driving in real time.

Other products include power controller products such as DC-DC converters. These reduce CO2 emissions by improving power efficiency and fuel economy, which helps minimize harm to the environment. We contribute to a better future for mobility through the supply of products that are essential for incorporating higher functions into cars.


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    billion yen (as of March 2018)
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  • Cumulative global sales of electric power steering controllers

Product & Services

  • Body Control

    Body Control Module
    Anti-pinch Power Window Switch

  • Motor Control

    Electric Power Steering Controller (EPS)
    Fuel Pump Controller (FPC)

  • Active Safety

    3D LiDAR
    Driver Monitoring Sensor

  • Power Control

    DC-DC Converter for Idling Stop System
    DC-DC Converter for xEV

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