OMRON Executive Officer Hisako Takada Awarded "TIGER WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2024"

  • March 21, 2024

OMRON Corporation (HQ: Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto. President and CEO: Junta Tsujinaga) announced today that Toshiko Takada, Executive Officer and Senior General Manager, CEO Office, has been recognized as one of the "TIGER WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2024".


This award recognizes female leaders who have been instrumental in inspiring female management talent across Japan, as one of the opportunities to identify and nurture outstanding leaders at a time when human capital is paramount in corporate management.

The transformation of business portfolios has become one of the most important management issues for many companies as industrial structures are being transformed around the world. At OMRON, the transformation of business portfolios is also an important management issue. Takada received accolades for her strong leadership in transforming business portfolios as the Chief Executive Officer and being a great role model for other companies.

A humbled Hisako Takada said, "It is a great honor to receive such a wonderful award. Being hailed as a "TIGER WOMAN" I thought about why I roar as a tiger every day, and I thought it might be because I want to live a happy and joyful life, and I also really want people around me to live happily. I take action to use my energy for positive things at any given time. I will continue to challenge myself to create an environment where each person can become a protagonist for young people and women, just as I have been blessed with people around me and empowered to grow. As a company that plays a part in building a nation on asset management, we will continue to make small contributions to create corporate value to actively contribute towards the company, society, and Japan. I will continue to roar with love."

OMRON has uniquely defined "D & I (Diversity & Inclusion)", and positions the promotion of D & I that leads to the success of diverse human resources as an important pillar of its human resources strategy. We will continue to create innovation by creating an environment in which each of our diverse employees can maximize their diverse abilities and play an active role. We will work to solve social issues through our business and contribute to the creation of a sustainable and better society in which individuals and companies grow together.

Hisako TakadaHisako giving a speech
at the ceremony (Feb 26)

[Winner Profile]
Hisako Takada
Executive Officer and Senior General Manager,
CEO Office, OMRON Corporation

Apr. 2021 Executive Officer
Mar. 2021 Senior General Manager, CEO Office (to present)
Apr. 2017 General Manager, Project Planning &
Development Office, Global Strategy HQ
Apr. 2014 Joined OMRON Corporation

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