OMRON Introduces Global Cash Management Allocate cash flexibly to accelerate the cycle of social value creation

  • June 13, 2023

OMRON Corporation (HQ: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto; President and CEO: Junta Tsujinaga; hereinafter, 窶廾MRON窶) announced today that it has signed an agreement with MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Junichi Hanzawa; hereinafter, 窶廴UFG窶) concerning the introduction of global cash management to commence globally integrated management of the OMRON Group窶冱 funds.

窶廨lobal Cash Management窶 Operational Scheme窶廨lobal Cash Management窶 Operational Scheme

In April 2022, OMRON launched its new long-term vision, 窶彜haping the Future 2030 (SF2030).窶 Guided by this vision, we have identified three social issues that we should address, namely, 窶彗chievement of carbon neutrality,窶 窶徨ealization of a digital society,窶 and 窶彳xtension of healthy life expectancies.窶 To solve these social issues, we are working to create social value through our business. Meanwhile, in order to maximize corporate value, we established a new cash allocation policy, which prioritizes investment in growth, and on this basis, we will enhance shareholder returns. Maximizing corporate value requires a constant cycle of 窶忻alue creation and reinvestment,窶 and operating cash flow is critical to this cycle. We have decided to introduce global cash management as part of our efforts to build a function for proactively investing in growth.
OMRON maintains regional headquarters, which oversee our affiliates responsible for production, sales & marketing, development, or other functions in each geographical region. In the past, regional headquarters managed cash in a two-tiered structure, whereby they consolidated funds in an account of the affiliates under their umbrella. As our business grows increasingly global, however, it has become imperative to perform optimal treasury management on a global basis if we are to track the Group窶冱 funds in a timely and efficient manner and use them efficiently.

With the introduction of global cash management, it is now possible to place funds previously distributed among four different accounts in the U.S., Europe, Southeast Asia, and Japan, under integrated management, allowing us to flexibly utilize them whenever and wherever needed. In more concrete terms, raising funds from any regional headquarters and transferring them to other regions in need of funds, which once took some time, is completed expediently. It also helps us track the funding situation at international Group companies, strengthen corporate governance via efficient cash management, and appropriately respond to geopolitical risks.

Going forward, OMRON will further increase efficiency in financial operations as we manage financial risks en bloc by way of stable operation of the scheme, management of cash on a global scale, and integrating financing functions, thus creating social value through business and contributing to the development of society.

笆 Overview of global cash management

Agreement signed on June 1, 2023
Agreement signed with MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Contact: Kyoto Branch)
Number of regional HQs covered Four: Kyoto (Japan); Chicago (U.S.); Amsterdam (Europe); Singapore (Southeast Asia)

笆 Reference
About global cash management

  • Global cash management means a system that automatically transfers funds among Group companies according to certain rules for integrated cash management by consolidating bank accounts worldwide. In financial terms, such a framework is referred to as global pooling or cash pooling.
  • Enables smoothing of excesses and deficiencies of funds among Group companies. For example, when a subsidiary has run short of funds, the Headquarters in Japan may arrange financing for them.
  • The pooling system automatically siphons surplus capital and replenishes cash deficiency.

General advantages of introducing the pooling system

  • Lower financial cost (interest expenses on borrowing by subsidiaries)
  • Greater operational efficiency for subsidiaries (business specialization, higher productivity)
  • Consolidating financial functions
  • Enhanced governance of Group companies involved in terms of financing/funding

About OMRON窶冱 long-term vision
Shaping the Future 2030 (SF2030)

About OMRON Corporation
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