OMRON Formulates Sustainability Goals
To Accelerate Drive to Solve Social Issues through Corporate Principles

August 4, 2017

OMRON Corporation (HQ: Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto. CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) today issued Integrated Report 2017. This publication presents specific sustainability issues and non-financial goals under VG 2.0 (for Value Generation 2.0), a new medium-management plan launched in April this year. The Company formulated these goals so it can accelerate drive to solve social issues through its business, in keeping with the OMRON Principles (see note 1).

OMRON has contributed much to a sustainable society, resolving social issues through its business by creating numerous innovations and products for the world. By making sustainability goals part of VG 2.0, the Company will accelerate business activities and the implementation of its principles to further its long-term commitment to all stakeholders.

VG 2.0 is a blueprint for new medium-management plan over four years and growth strategies for beyond that timeframe. This initiative established the "Factory Automation", "Healthcare", "Mobility", and "Energy Management" as four vital domains to addressing emerging social needs. The Company's new sustainability goals encompass "Response to Social Needs" through the business strategies of VG 2.0 in four domains, and three functional business strategies which support the VG2.0; "Human Resource Management", "Manufacturing", and "Risk Management". OMRON formulated numerical and other objectives for fiscal 2020 for tackling key challenges in such areas as creating driving safety support systems and technology while further popularizing digital thermometers and blood pressure monitors, thereby reducing mercury usage. In fulfilling its objectives, the Company aims to help the United Nations to attain its 17 Sustainable Development Goals worldwide by 2030.

Sustainability Management

Environmental, social, and governance initiative assessment institutions over the world have lauded OMRON's sustainability activities, leading to the stock's inclusion in ESG indices in Japan and abroad. In July this year, the Government Pension Investment Fund of Japan chose the Company stock for its three environmental, social, and governance indices (see note 2 about ESG investments). The stock has remained a component of the Morningstar Socially Responsible Investment Index since the inception of that benchmark in 2003. It has also been listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index for the past seven years and in the MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes for three straight years. The FTSE 4 Good Index Series and the STOXX Global ESG Leaders Index selected the stock in fiscal 2016.

As well as defining its sustainability issues and goals in Integrated Report 2017, OMRON's website presents new information on sustainability initiatives. The Company will promote dialogue with stakeholders by means of disclosing sustainability progress, and will continue endeavoring to enhance corporate value and contribute to social sustainability.

Integrated Report 2017
Medium-Management Plan VG 2.0

Note 1: The OMRON Principles
The OMRON Principles
Note 2: ESG Investments
When measuring value, ESG investment considers non-financial factors--namely Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance criteria--in addition to the standard metrics of cashflow and profitability.
(Reference: The Government Pension Investment Fund)

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