OMRON Launches Data Solution Business Headquarters Driving OMRON窶冱 growth by securing and advancing the data solution business

  • December 21, 2023

OMRON Corporation (HQ: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto; President and CEO: Junta Tsujinaga) is pleased to announce the launch of the Data Solution Business Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as 窶廛SB窶) on December 21, 2023, to be under direct control of the Company President.

Towards resolving the three social issues addressed under OMRON窶冱 long-term vision, 窶彜haping the Future 2030 (SF2030),窶 utilizing data is essential for the 窶彗chievement of carbon neutrality,窶 窶徨ealization of a digital society, 窶 and 窶彳xtension of healthy life expectancy.窶 The DSB will collaborate with OMRON窶冱 group companies and its subsidiary JMDC Inc. (hereinafter referred to as 窶廱MDC窶) which OMRON acquired on October 16, 2023, by leveraging JMDC窶冱 outstanding data management technology and solution development expertise. The DSB will lead OMRON towards shifting its emphasis from creating products to creating new values through the data solution business.

The DSB will not only expand business in the healthcare domain in which OMRON thus far has collaborated with JMDC, but also identify opportunities for data solution business in other domains, such as industrial automation and social solution domains, and establish specialized organizations to advance their business development and market implementation, to ultimately help solve social challenges through data solutions.

[Data Solution Business Headquarters / Organization Chart]

Data Solution Business Headquarters Organization Chart

[Role of Divisions]
1. Business Planning Division
The Business Planning Division will oversee strategies of the Corporate Health Business Division, Smart M&S Division, and Data Utilization Business Department while exploring data solution business opportunities for the OMRON group through co-creating with client companies. In addition to the FA Data Solutions Project that collaborates with the i-BELT service offered by the Industrial Automation Business, one of the OMRON key businesses, this division will designate project themes that will lead to the creation of new business divisions in the future. Moreover, this division will coordinate with OMRON窶冱 Innovation Exploring Initiative H.Q. to expand and advance the DSB through co-creating with JMDC and external startups.

2. Corporate Health Business Division
By utilizing JMDC窶冱 data analytics, the Corporate Health Business Division will work to create projects that improve corporate productivity and the financial status of corporate health insurance. This division will utilize data from each business division to develop solutions to extract and prevent high-risk individuals (such as high blood pressure) from developing severe conditions, maintain women窶冱 health, and improve employees窶 views of presentism. These measures will create a foothold for this division to initiate the development of relevant businesses.

3. Smart M&S Division
Based on the analysis and use of data, the Smart M&S Division will create new solutions by utilizing various cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and remote technologies, to enhance the value and efficiency of retail sales, distribution, energy, and social systems. This division will collaborate with OMRON Social Solutions Co., Ltd. and OMRON Field Engineering Co., Ltd. to develop business models that lead to solving social issues.

4. Data Utilization Business Department
To deploy OMRON窶冱 on-site data utilization support solution business (pengu)窶蚤 work improvement tool that balances industrial digitalization for on-site work and human resource development. Up until now, the tool has widely been introduced in the manufacturing sector, including the manufacturing of automobile parts, machinery/electrical products, electronic components/devices, semiconductor-related products, and food. By utilizing OMRON窶冱 data technology and framework, and implementing training programs with specialized system engineers, OMRON aims to help advance society so that anyone can freely use data on-site across a diverse range of manufacturing fields.

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