Device & Module Solutions Business Opens its Special “Carbon Neutrality” Website Contributing to Decarbonization of the Entire Supply Chain

  • March 28, 2023

OMRON Corporation (HQ: Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto. President and CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) has opened a special global website (Japanese, English, and Chinese) introducing the Device & Module Solutions Company's efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. This website introduces solutions that contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality throughout the supply chain through our customers' products by utilizing and further advancing the products and proprietary technologies of the Device & Module Solutions Company.

[Newly opened carbon neutrality website]

In recent years, with the tightening of environmental regulations to combat climate change, there has been a growing movement among global companies to decarbonize their entire supply chains. Electronic components used in various electronic devices and products are the key to achieving decarbonization. OMRON Device & Module Solutions Company is also accelerating its "Green" initiatives to create solutions that contribute to the environment more quickly under its growth strategy of offering new value corresponding on "Green, Digital, and Speed”.

OMRON Device & Module Solutions Company has launched a special new website introducing the "Decarbonization during production of OMRON's own products" and the "DMS*¹ GREEN PROJECT" that contributes to the realizing carbon neutrality of customers. Linking our three initiatives of "PRODUCTS", "PROCESS", and "PURCHASE", we will continue to provide products, technologies, and solutions that support the realization of carbon neutrality throughout the entire supply chain. In doing so, we will work together with our customers and suppliers to accelerate the realization of carbon neutrality on a global scale.

In the "PRODUCTS" initiative, through its device and module, OMRON will not only contribute to clean energy-related equipment, but also contribute to the decarbonization of customer products and the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during production of products. In the "PROCESS" initiative, we will promote manufacturing that reduces environmental impact from the upstream of the supply chain by reducing disposal losses and accelerating the use of clean energy during production. In the "PURCHASE" initiative, we will make various efforts to support the calculation of CO2 emissions from final products, such as promoting environmentally friendly production and procurement and visualizing CO2 emissions at the component level. We will then provide new value by creating solutions through this project with the involvement of customers and suppliers.

OMRON will contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society through manufacturing that balances environmental protection and business growth.

Special "Carbon Neutrality" website

By linking our three initiatives of "PRODUCTS", "PROCESS", and "PURCHASE", we will take on the challenge of contributing to the realization of carbon neutrality throughout customers' value chains.

PRODUCTS: Contributing to the realization of carbon neutrality through the supply of products
● Contribution to clean energy-related equipment
● Decarbonization of customer products
● Reduction of carbon emissions during production of customer products

PROCESS: Developing products and construction methods that are effective in reducing CO2 emissions during production, accelerating the use of clean energy during production
● Energy productivity enhancement (Increased productivity, improved energy efficiency)
● Reduction of disposal losses
● Production using clean energy

PURCHASE: Procuring environmentally friendly materials and promoting visualization of CO2 emissions from electronic components
● Disclosure of carbon footprint, support for DPP (Digital Product Passport), etc.

*1 DMS: Abbreviation for OMRON Device & Module Solutions Company

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