OMRON Virtual Booth Opens - A Digital Space Offering a Future Society Experience Made Possible by OMRON's Sensing & Control + Think Technologies -

  • November 06, 2020

OMRON Corporation (HQ: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto; President & CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) announced the opening of OMRON Virtual Booth (hereinafter, the "Booth"), a digital space where visitors can get a preview of a future society that OMRON hopes to shape with its Sensing & Control + Think technologies. Just install an app from a virtual SNS cluster to visit OMRON's booth and experience the future today. By promoting digital transformation (DX) thorough virtual reality (VR) and other cutting-edge technologies, OMRON is enhancing its communications in the with/after COVID-19 era.

c1106.jpgOMRON Virtual Booth

The Booth is packed with fun content ranging from OMRON's vision, technology, and business. One "must-have" experience offered in this virtual world is an opportunity to enjoy a rally with FORPHEUS, a table tennis robot showcasing OMRON's proprietary technologies. Visitors can freely move their avatar within the Booth and enjoy chatting with other visitors.

Going forward, OMRON will explore the possibilities of this digital space by organizing recruiting sessions for students and other job seekers, as well as hybrid events that connect physical trade shows or showrooms with the Virtual Booth. Through these events, OMRON hopes to enhance its corporate communications on its technology and business for various stakeholders, including "digital natives" such as Millennials and Generation Z, thus creating inspired solutions for the future.

URL to the OMRON Virtual Booth:
* You need to install a cluster app and create an account beforehand. (Free)


OMRON Corporation is a global leader in the field of automation based on its core technology of "Sensing & Control + Think." OMRON's business fields cover a broad spectrum, ranging from industrial automation and electronic components to social systems, and healthcare. Established in 1933, OMRON has about 30,000 employees worldwide, working to provide products and services in around 120 countries and regions. For more information, visit OMRON's website:

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