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Innovating Digital Technology, Enjoying Digital Future OMRON Once Again Did Splendidly in the CIIE

On November 5, the fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE) had its grand opening in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). As a global manufacturer of industrial automation control and electronic devices, OMRON showcased its latest technologies and industrial applications. In response to development hurdles faced by various industries in the era of the "new normal", OMRON brought its latest solutions in the domains of society, manufacturing, life and healthcare, enabled by its core technology: Sensing & Control + Think. OMRON demonstrated what is possible when combining technology, digital data, and smart innovation on the much-anticipated CIIE stage.

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Upgraded FORPHEUS Shows the Potential of Harmony between Humans and Machines

This year, OMRON participated in the CIIE with its state-of-the-art FORPHEUS table tennis trainer robot. FORPHEUS symbolizes the future relationship between human and robots, and this year, it was further upgraded with an eye to how machines can support humans in the new normal. First of all, FORPHEUS can play with two players at the same time, enabling practice for doubles. Also, with its powerful AI technology, FORPHEUS is able to gather the players' bioinformation and movement data, then establish a doubles strategy that adjusts the players' activeness to reinforce their cooperation and mutual sympathy and enhance the chemistry between partners. Next, based on its own operation status, FORPHEUS can evaluate its performance on its own and detect abnormalities, simultaneously generating further improvement measures. It is also able to maintain normal operations without relying on professional technical staff.

In the CIIE, the former Olympic table tennis champion Li Xiaoxia played with FORPHEUS, perfectly showing the potential of human-machine collaboration. OMRON believes that there will be more usage scenarios where robots and humans join forces to foster human development, such as technical training and task support in factory manufacturing or assistance for geriatric physical therapy in rehabilitation and nursing.

Former Olympic Table Tennis Champion Li Xiaoxia Plays with FORPHEUS,
Perfectly Showing the Potential of Human-Machine Collaboration


OMRON's "Intelligent Manufacturing" Assists the Manufacturing Industry in China

As an expert in the industrial automation field, OMRON provides a solution for production sites based on the concept of "innovative-Automation". With OMRON's unique technologies and product lines, cell line control system CLCS actualizes optimal human-machine collaboration and at the same time provides smart, autonomous IE improvement as well as applications where AI assists operating staff to learn new skills.

Additionally, CLCS helps to achieve highly efficient, flexible management of production sites, providing a scientific solution that meets various enterprises' need to maintain a stable supply during the pandemic. It ensures the safety of staff in production sites, boosts production efficiency, stabilizes supply, improves production quality, and nurtures a wider variety of talents.

558_2.jpgCell Line Control System (CLCS)


Strengthening Promises in China and Trailblazing Future Medical Care

In the CIIE, OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd. and Healthy China Enterprises Initiative signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The cooperation will further put forth the Healthy China Strategy, advance the Healthy China Initiative, strengthen healthy enterprises, and make available professional expertise. The MMC (Metabolic Management Center) for Enterprises, which is based on the "MMC Convenience Store"*1 project, will be launched thereunder. It seeks to help enterprises set up employee health management service platforms, build new health ecosystems, and promote the widespread application of digital medical care.

*1 An optimal healthcare infrastructure for diabetes which made patients possible and easier to receive latest medical treatment at pharmacies in town which were previously only available at hospitals and clinics.

OMRON Healthcare upholds its mission "to advance health and empower people worldwide to live life to the fullest"; develops and provides convenient products and services of high precision; and at the same time keeps striving to disseminate knowledge and awareness on chronic disease management. In China, where the number of people with chronic diseases is rising, daily health monitoring and personal protection work are especially worthy of attention. To raise alertness and deepen knowledge of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by people inside and outside the industry, OMRON published Breath without Obstacle, Proceed Together: COPD Documentary in collaboration with Southern Weekly and invited multiple experts to discuss the topic together.

558_3.jpgStrategic MoU Signing Ceremony of Healthy China Enterprises Initiative and OMRON


Innovating Digital Technology, Enjoying Digital Future

Under the new domestic-international "dual circulation" development framework, which prioritizes the domestic consumption while remaining open to the international trade and investment, Chinese society is making steady progress and both the upgrade of various industries as well as the innovation of frontier technologies are being accelerated.

Ms. Xu Jian, Managing Director of OMRON (China) Co. Ltd., stated that "OMRON has participated in the CIIE for four consecutive years ever since its first edition. On such a top-notch global trade and exchange platform, OMRON keeps showing China and audiences from all over the world our core technology of 'Sensing & Control + Think' as well as our leading applications in the industrial automation, healthcare, and many other fields. "To improve lives and contribute to a better society" has been OMRON's corporate mission ever since its founding, and it is also the driving force behind our development. We are devoted to enabling OMRON's technologies to better serve local customers. Also, under the new domestic-international dual circulation development framework, we endeavor to assist the Chinese manufacturing and healthcare sectors in realizing digitization and smart transformation, and pursue a long-term sustainable development alongside our partners in the China market."

558_4.jpgMs. Xu Jian, Managing Director of OMRON (China) Co. Ltd., Delivers a Speech

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