[Technology Infographics] Futuristic Technologies for 2033

Technologies have been advancing rapidly and automation has made our life convenient. Now, the practical application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) have attracted attention, and the world will evolve more conveniently. The "SINIC theory", OMRON's future prediction, predicts the arrival of an ideal society in 2033.
Imagine what kind of future lies ahead for us.
In 2033, human potentiality will widen more.
It will be a future where a person can live without any restrictions by pursuing only the creativity that is innate in humans.
Heading toward such a world, OMRON's aim to make a world where can can live brighter lives than ever before through the development of automation.
OMRON has bow added a "Think" element - representing human wisdom - to the mix, to create a new evolution in technology: "Sensing & Control + Think", and will create a better future with you.


Machines can do much more to unleash human potential.
Together with machines, human can experience more joy in their lives.
OMRON pursues the ideal way of new automation in which people and machines are in complete harmony.
The advanced automation can expand human possibilities and bring about a better society and greater fulfillment for the people who live in that society.
2033 is so far away yet so close.
To allow everyone to live the way they want with machines ...
Join us to realize an inspiring future through open innovation!