IARS - OMRON's innovative-Automation Journey

During Jun. 5th-8th, 2018, China (Wuhan) International Automation & Robotics Show was held in Wuhan, China. OMRON was highly praised at the show for its perfect interpretation of industrial automation through its innovative-Automation concept as well as the cutting-edge technology.


Now, let's take a look at innovative-Automation at the show.

innovative-Automation Concept

As the core concept of OMRON industrial automation, "innovative-Automation" represents OMRON's vision of a revitalized manufacturing industry, and demonstrates OMRON's strong desire for value creation.

Born in 2015, innovative-Automation, the new intelligent manufacturing concept, elaborates the perfect implementation of smart manufacturing on site from three levels: intelligent (intelligent manufacturing), integrated (control upgrade) and interactive (new man-machine coordination).

integrated "Control Upgrade"

Use machine to achieve high speed and high precision, improving production efficiency

Arc Interpolation Vibration Suppression Technology

Any moving object, regardless how it shakes, and whether it is moving fast or slowly, or whether it moves along a straight line or an arc, can become completely still within a short period of time after being "processed" by this technology!


The onsite demonstration is amazing!

e276_1Arc Interpolation Vibration Suppression Tech.gifAfter making the regular fast circle movement, the object on the left needs more than 4 seconds to resume the stationary state. Meanwhile, the object on the right adopts OMRON's arc interpolation vibration suppression technology while moving, and can become completely still in less than half a second after completing the movement, representing efficiency improvement of more than 8 times!

The technology solves the handling vibration problem that beset people for many years and significantly improves production efficiency.

Trajectory Control Technology

Not long ago, a great amount of tedious programming is required for the machine to perform a complicated movement trajectory. To improve this situation, trajectory control technology is developed - just by importing the source document of the running track, the trajectory movement that is infinitely close to ideal state can be performed!


Import the G code into the NJ controller, which will compile and analyze the G code, and directly convert it to a coordinate order. In the movement process, the deviation compensation of the synchronization control can be predicted, and the compensation amount for the order can be automatically calculated, thus restraining the deviation occurring when the speed changes, with the precision up to ツア0.01mm.


The introduction of the trajectory control technology not only drastically improves the precision of complicated movement, but also saves a great deal of manual programming time, comprehensively improving production quality and efficiency!

intelligent "Intelligent Manufacturing"

Use information to improve both production efficiency and quality

Parts Detection System

The parts detection system consists of OMRON's latest detection equipment including the visual system, industrial camera, sensor and laser engraving machine. It collects and analyzes, stores, manages, and visualizes data of each production process, achieving a high level of informatized production.

e276_06a.jpgWhen the beam of the photoelectric sensor offsets and the light amount reduces, the system will immediately send alert.
e276_2Parts Detection System.gifWhen the object to be measured is out of the detection distance of the sensor and the detectable volume drops, the system will also send warning.
e276_3Parts Detection System.gifOnce the onsite status data is available, and the information & feedback is transmitted through the EtherCAT, EtherNet / IP network, the "Visualization" of the entire production process is achieved!

interactive "New Man-Machine Coordination"

Seek collaborative operation of robots and people, reliable and safe

Fully Automatic Robot Plant

Let's visit OMRON's fully automatic robot plant!

Connecting the FH visual technology and robots can give "eyes" to robots, providing visual guidance to robots; meanwhile, utilizing the dispatch manager communication between NJ and mobile robots to "direct" the handling work of robots, achieving automatic transport between the production line and the storage.

09_.jpg Come and see how our robots work!
e276_STEP1_.gif STEP1:
Parallel robot Hornet takes items from the tray of LD mobile robot and places it on the conveyer belt, which will take the item to the next work station.
e276_STEP2_.gif STEP2:
Supported by the visual detection system, SCARA robot Cobra recognizes the sign on the surface of the item, and precisely places it in the designated location of the tray according to the predefined order.
e276_STEP3.gif STEP3:
LD mobile robot automatically finds the path and delivers the items in the tray to the designated work station for the next step operation.
e276_STEP4_.gif STEP4:
Six-axis joint robot Viper places the items delivered by LD robot on the final operation table.
This completes the fully automatic process!

Using mobile robots to handle products and automatically implement feeding and unloading materials saves manual transportation cost; more importantly, it improves the traceability of the products, reduces possible errors in manual handling, and enables more precise and efficient manufacturing sites!