From the Present to the Future - The Optimization Society -

According to the SINIC theory, the present period is part of the Optimization Society. Let's take a close look at just what the Optimization Society is and what kind of values are considered important in this society.

The most remarkable trait of the Optimization Society will be a shift away from material affluence, and toward psychological gratification and improved lifestyles, with people moving to base their lifestyles on a new, spiritual culture.

As the pursuit of Industrialized Society values such as efficiency and productivity diminish, new values of the quality and true joy of life will become increasingly important. These two values will inevitably result in conflicts between social systems and paradigms which will, in turn, lead to the creation of new social systems and paradigms over the 20-year span of the Optimization Society.

  If the viewpoint that 'all phenomena found in society are systems' is taken, then we can expect that existing social mechanisms will be optimized first in patches, then gradually increase and spread to cover all of society. At the same time, global-scale mechanisms will be created and initiated. These mechanisms will help realize people's fundamental human desires toward finding abundant lives and self-fulfillment, eventually creating a shift to the Autonomous Society.

While the Industrialized Society generated material wealth, it also left behind many negative factors. These included increasing energy and resource depletion, growing industrial waste, food shortages, as well as problems related to human rights and ethics among many others. In the Optimization Society, we are witnessing a growing social demand to remedy these negative effects with software and services positioned as the major industry in the pursuit of spiritual abundance.