OMRON 3D-LiDAR was adopted for "NVIDIA DRIVE"

September 13, 2018

OMRON Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Aichi Prefecture, Komaki City, President: Katsuhiro Wada) announced that OMRON's 3D-LiDAR was adopted for NVIDIA's autonomous driving vehicle development platform "NVIDIA DRIVE™"

This activity enables vehicles and system manufacturers (engaged in) developing an autonomous driving vehicles using "NVIDIA DRIVE" to develop applications for autonomous driving vehicles combining our 3D-LiDAR and "NVIDIA DriveWorks"

Image. Development environment using NVIDIA DRIVE

3D-LiDAR will contribute to realizing development of highly reliable autonomous driving suitable for various road environments around the world because it can detect various road surfaces and obstacles in front of the vehicle and around the vehicle essential for autonomous driving with wide viewing angle and high resolution.

Through this approach, we will contribute to the establishment of autonomous driving technology and will strive to realize a safe and secure mobility society.

We exhibited the above "3D-LiDAR" at "GTC Japan 2018" held at Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa International Convention Center Pamir on September 13 (Thursday) and 14 (Fri) 2018.
At the venue, you can see a demonstration using "NVIDIA DRIVE".

About OMRON's 3D-LiDAR

October, 2017 for around short range
September, 2018 for front long range

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