Notice Regarding the Effects of the Central Tottori Earthquake on Our Business Operations #2

Octorber 23, 2016

First of all, we would like to send our thoughts and prayers to everyone who has suffered damage due to the earthquake that struck central Tottori Prefecture. We sincerely hope that the affected area will make the fastest possible recovery.

Soon after the occurrence of the Tottori earthquake on October 21, we set up an Emergency command center charged with gathering information and taking necessary measures. The effects of the earthquake on our business operations at this point in time (October 23, 18:00) are as follows:

  1. The OMRON Group's main business locations in the affected area
    • OMRON Switch & Devices Corporation Kurayoshi Office (Kurayoshi City)
    • OMRON Field Engineering Co., Ltd. Sanin Techno Center (Tottori City, Kurayoshi City and Matsue City)
  2. Effects on OMRON's business operations
    • Our initial confirmation of employee safety has revealed no serious injuries or other major casualties among OMRON Group employees at this point in time.
    • From October 22 to 23, we ceased production and confirmed the effects on our production facilities and equipment. We are restoring the current production lines one by one and from October 24 we will be conducting product quality checks and restarting production in stages.
  3. Conditions of OMRON's supply chains including our suppliers and partners
    • We are currently investigating the extent of the damage sustained by our overall supply chains.

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