Notice Concerning the impact on our business of the Kumamoto Earthquake #2

April 19, 2016

First and foremost, we offer our deepest sympathy for the affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake and condolences to those who have lost loved ones. Our hopes and prayers for swift recovery go out to all affected in the region.

OMRON Group established an emergency command center immediately following the initial shocks on the evening of April 14 in order to collect and relay information relative to our employees, suppliers and customers' concerns and the effect on our company's operations.

Regarding the latter, we wish to inform the following as of the evening of April 18.

  1. Regarding damage to our production facilities.
    OMRON RELAY & DEVICES Corporation at Yamaga
    • At this time, we have no damage to our production facilities.
    • During today, the 18th after confirming output quality, we resumed some production.
      We expect to continue resuming production incrementally during the 19th.
    OMRON ASO Corporation at Aso City
    • As there has been interruption of power and damage to nearby transportation infrastructure, our production at this location will remain stopped through the 19th as we continue to assess the impact on our production at this location.
    • We continue to put the safety of our employees first, and after completing thorough inspection of all equipment aim to resume production when it is safe to do so.
    Other locations (offices, sales offices, etc.)
    • Through the 19th, we will continue to confirm that working conditions will be safe for our employees.
  2. Regarding our suppliers and supply chain:
    • The condition and status of our entire supply chain is also being checked. This includes assessing the impact on any supplier who may have sustained critical damage.

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