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"Human Vision Component Kazoku Mesen (HVC-C2W)" Wins Double Awards!
- "CEATEC AWARD 2015" Lifestyle Innovation Category Second Place - - "INNOVATION AWARDS as Selected by U.S. Journalists" Health & Household Category Prize -

October 13, 2015

OMRON Corporation's (Headquarters: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan, President and CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) Network Camera Sensor
The "Human Vision Component Kazoku Mesen (HVC-C2W)" has won the "CEATEC AWARD 2015" Lifestyle Innovation Category second prize at Asia's largest leading-edge IT & electronics exhibition - CEATEC JAPAN 2015, at the same time as receiving the "INNOVATION AWARDS as Selected by U.S. Journalists" Health & Household Innovation Category prize.

Joshua Fruhlinger, a member of the judging committee, has the following comment on OMRON's receipt of the Health & Household Category Prize:
"Ask any technology professional and he or she will tell you that the future is the Internet of Things. We imagine a world in which our everyday things are connected, giving us feedback, and making our lives more convenient, productive, and even more healthy. OMRON's 'Family View' - Kazoku Mesen - combines a cleverly-designed HD camera and facial recognition software technology, to create a complete picture of a family's status. Not only is the technology available today, but it is also affordable. On this trip I've been keeping in touch with my cat Sparky via a streaming camera. It's added a layer of comfort to being so far away from my little friend. I now can imagine a future in which I could know if he's eating well, feeling well, and not terribly mad at me for being away for so long. It's also worth noting that 'Family Eye' is designed in a manner that would be welcomed in any home complete kid-friendly faces and fun options. This helps turn what could be seen as an imposing technology into a cute, friendly part of the family. We only wish we could use it in the United States. We'll wait patiently. "

U.S. Journalists" Award Ceremony

"Human Vision Component Kazoku Mesen

The "CEATEC AWARD 2015" is awarded to a technology, product, service or system displaying exemplary innovation as part of the CEATEC JAPAN 2015 exhibition.
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About the "INNOVATION AWARDS as Selected by U.S. Journalists" Award

The "As Selected by U.S. Journalists" award is awarded to an exemplary technology, product, service or system among those covered on-location at the CEATEC JAPAN 2015 exhibition by American IT & consumer electronics journalists. Members of the independent judging committee select winners based on exceptional innovation and their likelihood to impact the U.S. market.
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Human Vision Component Kazoku Mesen

The "Human Vision Component Kazoku Mesen (HVC-C2W)" is a network camera sensor that recognizes human expressions, gender, age, line-of-sight and gestures, transmits the results over the wireless network to a smartphone or tablet, and offers easy app-based controls, all while fitting in the palm of your hand. Whether it's a sleeping baby or your pet while you're away from home, the "Human Vision Component Kazoku Mesen (HVC-C2W)" monitors their condition and movements, and when necessary provides timely push notifications to a smartphone or tablet. Using its "Kazoku Mesen (Family View) it helps protect your family, and support your safe and secure lifestyle.
There are so plans to extend its protection monitoring to the whole family, including the elderly and children when you're away from home with the planned development of "Kazoku Mesen Away-From-Home (Draft)." Furthermore, beyond use only in the home, the HVC-C2W also offers basic control applications which allow customer class analysis, foot traffic counting and personal identification.

With sensors being installed in a variety of facilities and devices and then connected to the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT) is drawing ever increasing attention. As user needs continue to diversify and diverge, there is increased demand for devices that meet those unique needs one by one. OMRON Corporation, has a goal of creating a society where people do not adapt to machines, but rather machines adapt to people. In addition to developing technology to meet the ever diversifying demands of society, OMRON Corporation is driving the creation of a new way of life with technology using open innovation, and contributing to the creation of a safe and secure society for people everywhere.

About OMRON Corporation

OMRON Corporation, with its proprietary technology in sensing and control serving as a core, is a leading company in the world of automation. Its areas of business extend into such diverse areas as control equipment, electronic components, automotive electronics, social infrastructure, health care and the environment. Established in 1933, today OMRON Corporation employees about 39,000 people throughout the world, providing services and products in over 110 countries. For details, please see

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