OMRON selected for MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes

July 9, 2015

OMRON was selected for the world-renowned MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes, an SRI (socially responsible investment)*1 stock price index.
MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes are stock price indexes compiled by MSC Inc.*2 in the United States.
It is composed of the world's major companies from environmental, social, and governance perspectives.

As of the end of June, 2015, 1,199 global companies are included in MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes, out of which 148 are Japanese companies.

MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes

Social Responsibility Investment (SRI) is a method by which private and institutional investors consider corporate social responsibility (CSR), contribution to communities and the environment, and corporate governance, in addition to conventional financial analysis when choosing companies to invest in.

MSCI Inc., a leading provider of global benchmark indexes, including MSCI World Index.

MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes


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