World First (*1) Development of Aerial Imaging by See-Through Light-Guide Plate

October 14, 2014

In a world first, OMRON Corporation has successfully achieved the projection of a static 3D image in space by emitting LED light from a transparent plate or sheet. The technology is called "Aerial Imaging by See-Through Light-Guide Plate".

Space projection technology has attracted a lot of attention in recent years for its potential use in next generation displays, such as in 3D displays, in virtual and augmented reality, and to assist with gesture inputs. Until now, however, space projection technology (*2) has required a large number of distinct components and a relatively large system and facility space to achieve. OMRON utilized its light directivity and micro-fabrication technology developed through the LCD display and backlighting businesses to develop the Aerial Imaging by See-Through Light-Guide Plate where 3D images can be projected into empty space with just one sheet or plate and a single LED.

This technology enables the display of images with real 3D depth, overlaid display of objects in real space, and the use of multiple sheets for combined images. The sheets themselves are transparent so are unobtrusive, thin, light, and can be attached to glass and other surfaces with a whole range of possibilities.
There are many potential applications for this technology, such as 3D billboards, signs and instructions in stations and other facilities, projection of information and design of products in shop windows, and visualization of detection areas for various gesture input devices or non-contact switches.

Over many years, OMRON has built up a significant portfolio of leading edge technology in light directivity design and micro-fabrication, which has been developed and commercialized into cell phone LCD display backlighting, sheet-type backlighting, and transparent decorative lighting panels for amusement applications. OMRON will utilize this technology in the space projection field to create more comfortable life spaces in the future and help create a society where people can have rich and exciting lives.

OMRON will have Aerial Imaging by See-Through Light-Guide Plate on display at CEATEC JAPAN 2014 to be held October 7 (Tue.) - 11 (Sat.) at Makuhari Messe in Chiba.

OMRON booth: Booth Location 3L116, Hall 3, Lifestyle & Society Stage

  • *1. OMRON survey, September 2014.
  • *2. Concave mirrors, dual sided corner reflect arrays, etc.

Main Benefits

  • Transparency:
    Can project both forwards and rearwards. The display is transparent so remains unobtrusive, does not impact on the sense of the floating image, and stays out of sight.


    Use of multiple plates allows you to have more advanced displays such as switching images and showing colors and animations.

    multiple plates

  • Plates and Sheets:
    Flat plates can be installed anywhere. Sheets are thin and flexible and can be attached to clear glass and other surfaces.

    Plates and Sheets

Application Examples:

3D Displays: 3D billboards
3D billboards

Directions: Show path directions
Show path directions

Show rotation direction
Show rotation direction

AR (augmented reality) to make features stand out: Showcase windows
Showcase windows

Input Assistance: Non-contact switches or control panels
Non-contact switches or control panels

Internal Display: Display the internals of a device
Display the internals of a device

Customer Enquiries:

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