OMRON Software released software application of multiple language keyboards for Android™ devices.
17 languages keyboards are available in Google Play.

August 5, 2014

OMRON Software released multiple language keyboards "Wnn Lang Pack" on Google Play, which is an extensibility application of "Wnn Keyboard Lab", a software application of Japanese/English input system that was released in July 2013.


2.10$/1 language

17 Languages

English(UK)*1, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Hangul, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Canadian French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese(Brz), Russian, Swedish

*1: English(USA) keyboard is already supported in Japanese keyboard "Wnn Keyboard Lab".

Main Features of "Wnn Lang Pack"

  1. Multiple language keyboards
    Just need to download or install "Wnn Lang Pack" to "Wnn Keyboard Lab" which is free on Google Play, you can easily switch Japanese software keyboard into multi-lingual software keyboards.
    *System Requirements :Android 4.2 or higher
  2. Emoji input system
    Emoji, almost accustomed as smartphone culture in Japan, has been currently very popular worldwide as well.
    As "Wnn Keyboard Lab" supports Emoji without bothering booting up Emoji software application every time.
    You can also enjoy communication with fun Emoji in the same way by using multiple language keyboards.
  3. Language Switching Function
    You can write a message mixed in several different languages very easily merely by tapping the language switching button on the keyboard. It is very convenient when you send/share messages to/with your friends in Japan or overseas on SNS.
  4. Image Switching Function
    You can also enjoy the function of using cute characters or cool designed images on multiple language keyboards, which has been already supported in Japanese language keyboard.
  5. Prediction input Function
    The multiple language keyboards also have prediction input function which has been familiar in Japanese language.
    With minimal taps, you can input your intended words speedily.
For more details, please visit the following websites :

Future work of OMRON Software

The character input function has been deemed as one of the most important basic functions for people who use smartphones or tablets.
We would like to provide convenient character input solution by releasing "Wnn Keyboard Lab". At the meanwhile, we would also like to incorporate the current trends in our software products and to satisfy our clients' needs.
We would like to make every endeavor to provide software products for all other smartphone OS besides Android, to develop more convenient new functions continuously, to expand new "languages", and also to supply various valuable services to our clients.

Software keyboard (prediction input)

simplified Chinese
simplified Chinese




Company Overview

Head Office: Shiokoji Horikawa, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8234, Japan
President: Isao Miyaji
Capital: 360 million yen
Sales: 14,92 billion yen (as of march 2014)

Contact from the news media
Takashi Yamauchi
General affairs Div. HQ
Tel: +81-75-352-7400
Contact from the customer
Mobile solution department
TEL: 03-5466-7208
FAX: 03-5466-7216

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