- Ideal for temperature control systems with HMIs or PLCs - OMRON releases DIN Track-Mounting Digital Temperature Controller E5DC series with displays and setting functions

June 25, 2013

Kyoto, Japan -- OMRON Corporation (TSE: 6645) (ADR: OMRONY) announces the release on July 1 of the following temperature controller.

  • Digital Temperature Controller E5DC

This new DIN Track-Mounting (in-panel mounting) type temperature controller is based on the E5_C temperature controller series. E5DC series features the similar high level of readability and usability of the previous series, which has been popular since its release in December 2011. The E5DC series pursues further usability for temperature control systems with HMIs and programmable controllers (PLCs.).

Many temperature control systems for food/packing machines, extrusion molding machines, and environment testing machines these days often place devices including PLCs and temperature controllers inside their control panels, and display PV and settings on HMIs to respond to the demands of machine downsizing.
Conventional in-panel mounting temperature controllers have different operational procedures or functions from those of the on-panel mounting type, which are mounted on the machine surface. Many of in-panel mounting temperature controllers are the multiple channel type and do not have displays or operational switches on the main bodies. For this reason, operators needed to redesign or learn setting procedures when they adopt in-panel mounting temperature controllers.

The newly released temperature controller E5DC series inherits the similar functions and performance from the on-panel mounting type E5_C series, including programless communication to PLC, which is commonly equipped among the E5_C series. This reduces the time required to learn design procedure and operations, and enables the improvement of design efficiency by sharing and communalizing the design resources.

E5DC series features the similar design and operability from the previous E5_C series, which had won the "iF product design award 2013"*. E5DC series has the similar user-friendly functionality as the on-panel mounting type with highly-readable white LCD displays and front panel buttons. This leads to simplifying display checking or settings for each temperature channels during startup or troubleshooting, as well as to reducing maintenance.

Additionally, the E5DC series structure enables mounting/dismounting of the main body while keeping a wired terminal block on the DIN Track. Replacing the main bodies or prewiring to mount on control panels will be simple. Furthermore, the 22.5 mm wide main body and DIN Track-mounting structure contribute to downsizing machines and control panels.

The E5_C series lineup will be expanded and enhanced to meet customer needs.

  • * E5CC/E5EC series


  1. The similar functions/performance/operability from the previous E5_C series improve design efficiency
    The unified function/performance and operability with the E5_C on-panel type temperature controller series contribute to improving design efficiency by sharing and communalizing the design resources.

  2. Easy connection to a PLC with programless communications reduce design work
    The E5DC and PLC are easy to connect with programless communications (Gateway is not required) and contribute to reducing design work.

  3. The main body is replaceable without re-wiring for simple maintenance
    The E5DC series structure enables mounting/dismounting a main body to/from a terminal block easily. A main body can be replaced with keeping a wired terminal block mounted on the DIN Track. This reduces maintenance work. Prewiring is also possible with mounting only a terminal block to DIN Track.

  4. Contributes to downsizing machines and control panels
    The main body is 25 mm wide and mounts to DIN Track. This allows saving space when mounting multiple temperature controllers to use multi channels. The 85 mm short body in depth can be mounted in 120 mm depth control panels.

  5. Easy settings
    The E5DC series are easy to set up on a desk by connecting to a personal computer with USB Communication Conversion Cable (optional). Power can be supplied through a USB Communication Conversion Cable without wiring a power supply.

  6. Simplified maintenance due to display screen and operational switches
    The in-panel temperature controller E5DC series with display screen and operational switches simplify operations to check displays and settings for each temperature channel. This contributes to simple maintenance. The E5DC series features the similar design for the high level of readability and usability of the previous E5_C series, which had won the "iF product design award 2013"*.


Size 22.5mm x 96mm x 85 mm (W x H x D)
Character size PV: 8.5mm (White), SV: 8.0mm (Green)
Setting Five keys on the front panel, Front-panel Setup Tool port
Sensor Input
  • Universal inputs (Thermocouple, Pt, Analog input)
  • Indication accuracy: Thermocouple/Pt: 0.3%PV, Analog input 0.2%FS
  • Input sampling period: 50ms
Control output Relay output, Voltage output (driving for SSR), Linear Current output (depends on model)
Auxiliary output Up to 2 alarm outputs (depends on model)
Power supply voltage 100 to 240 VAC, or 24VAC/24VDC (depends on model)
Options Event input: 1, Communications RS485, and HB alarm input: 1 (depends on model)
Terminal 14 terminals (M3 size)
Standards Approved: UL/CSA/KC
Conformed: CE


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