OMRON Releases Non-Contact D6T MEMS Thermal Sensor


Kyoto, Japan - OMRON Corporation (TOKYO: 6645; ADR: OMRNY) today announced the release on June 30 of the D6T non-contact MEMS thermal sensor1, a super-sensitive infrared temperature sensor that makes full use of OMRON's proprietary MEMS sensing technology.

Unlike typical pyroelectric human presence sensors that rely on motion detection, the D6T thermal sensor is able to detect the presence of stationary humans by detecting body heat, and can therefore be used to automatically switch off unnecessary lighting, air conditioning, etc. when people are not present (regardless of whether they move or not). As the D6T sensor is also able to monitor the temperature of a room, they can also be used to continually maintain optimal room temperature levels, instantly sense unusual changes in temperature thereby detecting factory line stoppages, or discover areas of overheating for early prevention of fire outbreaks, etc.

While standard thermal sensors are only able to measure temperature at one certain contact point, the D6T can measure the temperature of an entire area contactlessly. Signals generated by infrared rays are usually extremely weak, and high-sensitivity detection is therefore very difficult to achieve. However, OMRON has developed and manufactured in-house every part of the new thermal sensor, from the MEMS sensors to ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits) and other application-specific parts, specifically with the aim of ensuring that the D6T is capable of highly sensitive detection.

With the cutting edge OMRON MEMS technology that is utilized in the D6T, we are aiming to contribute to the creation of new advanced energy-saving household appliances as well home and building energy management systems plus a wide variety of factory automation applications.

The D6T thermal sensor will be demonstrated at the Micromachine/MEMS ROBOTECH 2012 exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight from July 11 (Wed) to 13 (Fri).

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1. Thermal sensors are able to measure temperature by receiving energy radiated from target objects on thermopile elements. Through the use of ASICs and thermopile elements fabricated with MEMS technology, OMRON has been able to create a miniature non-contact thermal sensor.


D6T-44L-06 (4x4 element type) D6T-8L-06 (1x8 element type)
D6T-44L-06 (4x4 element type)Dimensions:
D6T-8L-06 (1x8 element type)Dimensions:


  • Energy-saving household appliances (lighting systems, refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners, etc.)
  • Building and office energy conservation systems
  • Security systems
  • Factory automation (food product temperature control, irregular temperature detection, etc.)


  • D6Ts are created entirely from OMRON's proprietary MEMS, ASIC, and other application-specific parts to ensure high sensitivity.
  • High signal-to-noise ratio: Noise-Equivalent Temperature Difference = 0.14 degrees Celsius
  • Low visual field crosstalk characteristics enable high-precision area temperature detection.
  • Digital I2C output for superior noise immunity

MEMS elements

4x4 elements 1x8 elements
4x4 elements 1x8 elements

The thermal sensor measurement principle

Thermal sensors utilize the Seebeck effect in which thermoelectric force is generated due to the temperature difference at the contact points between two different kinds of metal. A thermopile is created by serially connecting thermocouples consisting of N+ poly Si , P+ poly Si, and Al. By creating hot junctions on highly heat-resistant dielectric membranes, and cold junctions on highly heat-conductive silicon, it is possible to achieve high-speed response and high-energy conversion efficiency (infrared rays - temperature - thermoelectric force).


Open price

Sales target

2 billion yen in fiscal 2013

Production plant

OMRON Switch and Devices Corporation

Product types and main functions

Model D6T-44L-06 D6T-8L-06
Number of elements 4x4 1x8
Target temperature detection range 5-50°C
Target temperature output accuracy With in +/- 1.5°C
Field of view X direction : 44.2°
Y direction : 45.7°
X direction : 62.8°
Y direction : 6.0°
Power supply voltage DC4.5 - 5.5V
Output form I2C
Temperature resolution (NETD) 0.14°C


Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, OMRON Corporation is a global leader in the field of automation. Established in 1933, and headed by President Yoshihito Yamada, OMRON has more than 36,000 employees in over 35 countries working to provide products and services to customers in a variety of fields including industrial automation, electronic components, social systems, healthcare, and the environment. The company has regional head offices in Singapore (Asia Pacific), Beijing (Greater China), Amsterdam (Europe, Africa, and the Middle East), Chicago (the Americas), Gurgaon (India), and Sao Paulo (Brazil). For more information, visit OMRON's website at

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