OMRON releases dramatically enhanced versions of best-selling temperature controller

December 2, 2011

KYOTO, Japan--OMRON Corporation (TOKYO:6645)(ADR:OMRNY) announces the release on December 1 of the following digital temperature controllers:

These two new temperature controllers are based on our best-selling temperature controller, of which over 3 million units have been sold worldwide. They feature the same high level of usability and the same wiring and basic operation methods of the popular previous model, yet are more compact lengthwise, have greatly enhanced capabilities, and feature extra-high-visibility white LCD displays with larger characters.

Though PLCs and touch panels are commonly used nowadays to manage temperature control, since temperature control settings need to be adjusted often, there is a strong and growing demand for stand-alone temperature controllers to facilitate easy, frequent adjustments. Such demand is also becoming increasingly apparent in China and other emerging markets. There is also significant demand for high-visibility displays to more easily confirm displayed values and settings in a variety of viewing conditions.

Main features

  1. Enhanced visibility with newly redesigned LCD
    To enhance visibility, large white characters (15.2 mm high for E5CC and 18 mm for E5EC) are used to show present value (PV). Viewing angle range and contrast ratios have also been enhanced with the new LCD. The display can be read unambiguously from greater distances and in less favorable lighting conditions.

    The new white LCD with greatly enhanced visibility.
    The new white LCD with greatly enhanced visibility.
    A high level of visibility is maintained even under unfavorable lighting conditions.
    A high level of visibility is maintained even under unfavorable lighting conditions.

  2. Enhanced user-friendliness
    Since E5CC and E5EC units can be powered simply by connecting them to a computer via a USB communication converter cable (sold separately) they can be operated from a desk without any additional cabling. Parameter setting can be carried out easily without an instruction manual with the CX-Thermo configuration tool software (sold separately). E5CC and E5EC units feature a convenient 'digit shift function,' that makes it easier to adjust target values.
    Each digit of four-digit values can be set independently unlike conventional units with only one adjustment button.


  3. Enhanced control capabilities
    E5CC and E5EC units boast 50ms sampling periods (5 times faster than the previous model) despite their being standard general-purpose temperature controllers. The kind of precise temperature control which up till now only could be performed with advanced controllers is now possible with E5CC and E5EC units meaning they are able to cover a wider range of applications.

  4. Enhanced functions with an increased number of inputs and outputs
    E5EC units can handle a maximum of 4 auxiliary outputs and 6 event inputs. E5CC and E5EC units also handle various other input/outputs including transfer outputs and remote SP inputs from external devices. With this increased number of inputs/outputs and optional functions, temperature control which up till now has required multiple controller units can now be performed with a single controller thereby contributing to maintenance and inventory management efficiency.

Main Specifications

Depth 60 mm
Indication accuracy 0.3%
Sampling period 50ms
Universal standards UL 61010C-1, CE/KC
Period of warranty 3 years
Temperature sensor input Full multiple inputs
Thermocouple input, platinum resistance thermometer input, analog voltage/current inputs
Control outputs Relay output, SSR drive voltage output, current output
Auxiliary outputs E5CC: 3 max; E5EC: 4 max
Event inputs E5CC: 4 max; E5EC: 6 max
Other inputs & outputs Transfer output, Remote SP input,
Communication interface (RS-485), CT input: 2 max.
Toshiyuki Ohashi
Industrial Components Div. HQ,
Industrial Automation Company
OMRON Corporation
TEL: +81-75-344-7231

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