OMRON Healthcare Wins "iF Product Design" and three other awards for its Electric Toothbrush "Mediclean" HT-B551/550 - HEM-1020 and HEM-6050/6051 also received "Universal Design Awards" -


KYOTO, Japan - OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd. received iF Product Design Award, Universal Design Award and Consumer Favorite Universal Design Award for its HT-B551/HT-B550 electric toothbrush in this year's competitions. In addition, HEM-1020 and HEM-6051/HEM-6050 won Universal Design Awards. The awards were presented at CeBIT 2010 in Hannover, Germany, on March 2-4, with the winning products on display until August, 2010.

iF Product Design Awards

The iF Product design Award, presented by Hannover-based International Forum Design GmbH, is one of the world's most prestigious design awards. Products are grouped into 16 categories, including industry, medicine/healthcare and consumer electronics, and rated on uniqueness, innovation, aesthetic appearance, usefulness and eco-friendliness as well as performance, quality and price. This year's competition drew 2486 entries from 39 countries, of which 778 products received awards.

The OMRON Healthcare product that received the iF Product Design Award are as follows:

iF Product Design Award-winning Products Model No.
Electric toothbrush HT-B551/HT-B550

* OMRON Healthcare received the iF Product Design awards for four consecutive years since 2007.

Universal Design Awards

The Universal Design Awards, established in fiscal 2008 and hosted by the Universal Design Association, evaluate the fairness, flexibility, safety ease-of-use and cost of products. There are two award categories: the Universal Design Award, judged by internationally active designers, and the Universal Design Consumer Favorite Award, chosen by 100 consumers from the ages of 14 to 78 in January 2010. OMRON Healthcare's HT-B551/HT-B550 Electric Toothbrushes were further honored with a Consumer Favorite Award, receiving high marks on the sensor recognizes the brushing spot and selects the brushing mode automatically, and the original S-shaped form supporting the proper brushing.

The three OMRON Healthcare products that received Universal Design Awards are as follows:

Universal Design Award-winning Products Model No.
Electric toothbrush HT-B551/HT-B550
Automatic blood pressure monitor HEM-1020
Automatic blood pressure monitor HEM-6051/HEM-6050

Going forward, OMRON Healthcare will continue to approach product development from a user perspective and with a focus on accuracy and ease-of-use under our design concept, "Shaped for people."

Product Profiles: iF Product Design Award-winning Product 2010

HT-B551/HT-B550 Electric Toothbrush Mediclean

HT-B551/HT-B550 Electric Toothbrush MedicleanThis electric toothbrush features the function of recognizing the brush angle and the brushing spot, and changes the mode automatically appropriate to each spot. Original S-shaped form, easy to reach to molar teeth or the back of front teeth, supports the perfect brushing.

* This product received a Good Design Award (Japan) in 2009.

Product Profiles: Universal Design Award-winning Products 2010

HT-B551/HT-B550 Electric Toothbrush Mediclean

See the profile in "iF-Product Design Award-winning Product 2010" above

HEM-1020 Auto Blood Pressure Monitor

HEM-1020 Auto Blood Pressure MonitorThe upper arm blood pressure monitor automatically inflates with a correct posture by simply placing the arm into the device. "Posture checking indicator" detects and displays if the posture is correct or not on the screen, and "armrest" supports the easy measurement, which offers the relaxed monitoring everyday.

* This product received a Good Design Award (Japan) in 2009.

HEM-6051/HEM-6050 Auto Blood Pressure Monitor

HCG-801-E Portable ECG MonitorThis wrist blood pressure monitor guides you to a correct measuring posture by light and sound. "Posture checking lamp" indicates the correct wrist position for measurement, and the cuff with a heart mark leads the correct posture naturally by placing the mark at the center of chest, which supports the accurate measurement.

* This product received a Good Design Award (Japan) in 2009.

OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd.

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