OMRON enhances PLC performance and flexibility with CJ2M series


A versatile and cost-effective choice for applications of low to medium complexity, the new CJ2M range of programmable controllers from OMRON has been specifically designed to help users meet demands for increasing intelligence and flexibility in control systems, while at the same maintaining competitive pricing. The new CJ2M controllers complement the recently introduced CJ2H models, which offer similar benefits in high-end applications. <Images>

Based on the proven technology of OMRON's CJ1 PLCs, which are in use in tens of thousands of applications around the world, the new CJ2M products offer a wider choice of CPUs, faster operating speed, more memory and enhanced communications facilities, including optional integrated Ethernet support.

Two more important benefits of CJ2M PLCs, which they share with their CJ2H high-end counterparts, are consistent architecture across the whole range, which means that up- or down-scaling applications is fast and easy, and upgraded support for function blocks. These allow blocks of program to be developed for commonly used functions; the blocks can then be re-used as required, either in the same project or in new projects, leading to big reductions in the time needed for programming and testing.

CPUs in the CJ2M range are available to suit any task, starting at 5K steps program capacity plus 64K words memory. The CJ2M models offer up to 60K steps and 160K words, while the CJ2H extends this to 400K steps and 832K words. All versions have a USB port to provide convenient access for programming, maintenance and troubleshooting, and all are offered with a choice of either an integrated Ethernet port with Ethernet/IP Data Link function or an RS-232C serial interface. To provide even greater versatility, the Ethernet models have a slot that can optionally be fitted with an RS-232C/422/485 port.

To complement its CJ2 PLCs, OMRON has introduced new high-speed I/O units. These include analogue input modules with a conversion time of just 20µs, and fast digital I/O, the data from which can be instantly accessed using special program instructions. CJ2 PLCs can also be connected to CJ1 I/O units, making it easy and inexpensive for users to upgrade or expand existing installations.

Availability: CJ2M models will be available from April 1st 2010.


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