OMRON Releases Vision Sensor Software for Glue Bead Inspection - Tailored solution for automobile industry provides high accuracy inspection of glue conditions upon automatic glue detection -


OMRON Corporation (TOKYO: 6645, ADR: OMRNY) today released vision sensor software for glue bead inspection (models FZ3-UGI and FZ3-UGIH) to global markets.

models FZ3-UGI and FZ3-UGIHIn recent years, the development of electric and hybrid vehicles in the automobile industry has been gathering steam to reduce carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions in order to implement measures for preventing global warming inspired by the Kyoto Protocol. These vehicles are equipped with many electric devices such as motors, batteries, and transformers. A sealing method using a high sealing quality liquid gasket has been widely used in the automobile industry to secure dustproof and waterproof properties. However, for electric devices, a much higher sealing performance is required to secure airproof properties to lessen the dangers inherent in such devices. Although OMRON has been proposing solutions for the glue inspection of liquid gaskets used in engines and transmissions, in order to meet the needs of more highly accurate glue inspection, we have consolidated our detection know-how and will release a glue bead inspection detection software as a product globally.

This software can be used by installation to the OMRON vision sensor flagship model FZ3 controller.

A leak inspection method is used in engines and transmissions following the injection of oil. This same method cannot be used in the liquid gasket inspection for electric device cases. As a result, sealing is secured by inspecting the glue status immediately after gluing. However, visual inspection alone has resulted in problems such as overlooking of gaps and non-quantification of inspections. Also, use of visual sensors for inspection has resulted in problems such as not been able to inspect glue width stably when the glue path is complex. To solve such problems, this software for glue bead inspection is equipped with OMRON's original automatic outline scanning function. It calculates the glue status with a high degree of accuracy even for complex glue paths by automatically scanning the glue outline, glue width, gap width and for wrong glue paths. Also, a more stable inspection can be performed by the execution of HDR (high dynamic range), an image processing tolerant to the use environment. By preparing a dedicated glue inspection interface and result display screens, we have made possible, easier inspection setting and error analyses with less man-hours spent.

Main Features

1. High accuracy inspection of complex paths using automatic outline scanning technology

Depending on the object shape, the glue path will become complex. In order to perform inspection correctly even with a complex path, the software is equipped with OMRON's original automatic outline scanning function. This function automatically scans the glue outline and calculates glue width and any gaps along the outline. As a result, it can inspect glue widths on complex curved paths, difficult to be judged by people, and glue widths differing in judgement from person to person. Because the inspection is performed based on the outline information, angled gaps that are difficult to detect with existing vision sensors can be accurately detected. As all data can be stored, quality control and traceability of the gluing process can be managed.

automatic outline scanning technology

2. Stable detection independent of environmental change

Glue inspection by existing vision sensors sometimes resulted in unstable inspection due to the effects of changes in outside light or lighting conditions or halation in metal work-pieces. These problems are solved by using this software with our new HDR processing technology. By controlling information such as brightness and contrast by the software, the visual sensor creates clear glue imagery. As a result, high detection accuracy is achieved even if there are changes in lighting or if the glued object is different.

Previous process / HDR process

3. Detection of complex paths with an easy set-up

Preparation of our dedicated interface for glue inspection with a vision sensor allows set-up without the need for expert knowledge. The setting for the glue detection can be completed simply by defining the start and finish points on the screen. In the actual inspection, the glue is automatically detected and inspected from the start point to the finish point, so detailed adjustment is not required.

Detection of complex paths with an easy set-up

4. Visible results enable quick error analysis

The inspection results are displayed by both graphics and numerical values. The maximum and minimum glue widths and any overflow from the correct glue path are displayed in an easily understood manner. As inspection results on defect occurrence and defect parts can be identified, this allows immediate cause analysis and quick correction of errors.

Visible results enable quick error analysis

Sales Target

JPY 500 million in the first year

For more information, visit the FZ3-UGI / UGIH product page on OMRON IA's global website at


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