OMRON Releases Three New PLCs and Related Products with Industrial EtherNet/IP Compatibility


Kyoto, Japan – OMRON Corporation (TOKYO: 6645, ADR: OMRNY) today announced the release of three new products, the SYSMAC CJ2 programmable controller, EtherNet unit for CS/CJ series and CX-One FA Integrated Tool Package version 3.0, to markets. All of these products support EtherNet/IP for industrial use.1

The Company also announced the release of NS-series NS-V2 programmable terminals that have been upgraded to support EtherNet/IP.

These products help to reduce the TCO in designing and developing production equipment for immediate startup with quick delivery, as well as equipment that requires greater complexity and higher speed in control operations.

Products released today include the following models: <Images>

  • SYSMAC CJ-series Programmable Controller CJ2 CPU Units
    CJ2H-CPU68-EIP and four other models
  • EtherNet/IP Units for CS/CJ-series Programmable Controllers
    CS1W-EIP21 and CJ1W-EIP21
  • NS-V2-series Programmable Terminals
    NS12-TS01B-V2 and 25 other models (system version upgrade)
  • CX-One FA Integrated Tool Package Version 3.0
    CXONE-AL01C-V3 and 11 other models

With current international competition, manufacturing sites for key production industries, such as automobiles, semiconductors and liquid crystal and plasma displays, demand 1) immediate equipment startup with large capital investment in the first period, 2) fast additions and changes in production models, volumes and line compositions after the equipment is in operation, and 3) meeting traceability and other global requirements for quality, safety and environmental needs. These demands require even greater amounts of quality data along with faster accumulation and processing of production management data.

Manufacturers of special equipment and machinery must flexibly respond to these rapid changes, cope with the increase in management data resulting from improved device functionality and performance, and achieve control with greater performance and accuracy with more precise production processes. These manufacturers are actively introducing control devices for open networks, standardization and specifications that allow the development of control systems with greater speed and precision and enable stable worldwide product procurement.

All the new products marketed by OMRON support EtherNet/IP, a global standard industrial protocol promoted by the ODVA.2 In addition to the convenience of universal Ethernet, EtherNet/IP can be used for both information and control networks. Data links are faster (30 times faster, according to OMRON’s own research) and the data communications capacity is larger (nine times the capacity, as above). These features make the products ideal for production equipment that will require increasingly larger capacity and higher speeds in the future.

The SYSMAC CJ2 CPU units feature large capacity and a built-in EtherNet/IP-compatible multifunctional Ethernet port. The program capacity of 400K steps is 1.6 times the capacity, while the 832K words of data memory is twice the capacity of previous OMRON products. In addition, the CJ2 CPU units are ideal for devices that require high speed and high precision with both faster speeds for executing special instructions, such as overseeing processing and floating-point math, and increased speed for immediate refreshing of basic I/O.

Also, less design time is required because PT screen data and PLC programming can be developed in parallel with improved tag access through EtherNet/IP for full access to memory in the CJ2 CPU unit from an NS-series programmable terminal.

The CX-One FA Integrated Tool Package that supports the SYSMAC CJ2 CPU units and the NS-V2-series PTs also supports EtherNet/IP. This provides an environment for setting up the all layers of FA networks, and allows users to set up both SYSMAC CJ2 CPU units and NS-V2-series PTs from the same software package.

Main Features


  1. Greatly increased program capacity and data memory capacity. The largest-capacity CPU unit, the CJ2H-CPU68-EIP, has a program capacity of 400K steps (1.6 times the capacity) and a data memory capacity of 832K words (twice the capacity of previous OMRON products).Higher system throughput speed for I/O and faster immediate refreshing for basic I/O in addition to faster basic and special instructions. (Execution time is 20 times faster than previous OMRON models, e.g., reduced from 20 µs to 1 µs for the LD instruction.)
  2. A multifunctional Ethernet port compatible with EtherNet/IP is built in and can be used simultaneously for FTP communications, data links, and Support Software connections.
  3. Errors reduced when modifying designs because tags are used for actual I/O and internal I/O, eliminating the need for address allocation. Also, PLC programming and PT display screens can be developed in parallel.

EtherNet/IP Units for CS/CJ-series Programmable Controllers

  1. Control and data networks can be unified by simultaneously using one port for FTP communications, data links and Support Software connections while providing high-speed data links and large-capacity data communications. Data links are 30 times faster than previous OMRON products and data communications capacity is nine times larger.
  2. Equipment costs are reduced because universal Ethernet is used, relieving the need to differentiate between information and control networks. Mobile communications systems can also be easily built with an FA wireless LAN.
  3. Users can construct transparent systems from the sensors to the host with the same CIP protocol for EtherNet/IP, CompoNet, and DeviceNet.3
  4. Greater freedom in wiring and easier maintenance with partial conversion to optical, nodes can be added and withdrawn from the network while the network is active, and star wiring is possible using Ethernet switching.

NS-V2-series Programmable Terminals

  1. SYSMAC CJ2 CPU units are supported. Memory in the CPU unit can be fully accessed. Development can be performed in parallel for the PLC, PT and host application using tags for data access through EtherNet/IP.
  2. The Ladder Monitor function has been upgraded. The Ladder Monitor display colors and size have been changed for to greatly improve visibility. Ladder programming can be displayed even on the NS12 in the full screen size of 800 x 600 dots. Also, the NS-series PTs now support new search functions: Find Back, Find Next and Find Return. These search functions are popular with the CX-Programmer PLC Support Software, and they shorten the time required to debug PLC programming problems.
  3. An improved operation log provides information on what objects were touched and when. It is also possible to record operations on the touch panel and switch operations on the control panel, and to save the operation log in a Memory Card installed in the NS-series PT.

CX-One FA Integrated Tool Package Version 3.0

  1. Data for all PLC units or specific PLC units at the target PLC can be backed up, compared and restored. This provides powerful support for data management for the entire PLC system. Downtime in emergencies is also minimized.
  2. EtherNet/IP and CompoNet are supported in addition to the previous Ethernet, Controller Link and DeviceNet networks. Users can easily build entire networks and set parameters.
  3. SYSMAC CJ2 CPU units are supported along with their USB ports and built-in EtherNet/IP port. Easier and safer Support Software connections to PLCs are possible using PLC name verification to prevent incorrect connections.
  4. Tags can be used to access data through EtherNet/IP using an NS-V2-series PT. Design modifications are easier because address changes at the PLC can normally be made without affecting the rest of the system.

1EtherNet/IP: EtherNet/IP is an industrial version of Ethernet with specifications managed by the ODVA, an independent organization that supports the global proliferation of open networks such as DeviceNet and CompoNet.

EtherNet/IP is an open network with a wide assortment of compatible products sold by companies, including the world’s major manufacturers of control devices. EtherNet/IP eliminates the need to depend on specific manufacturers and already has a world-wide track record. In the future, we can also expect an increase in compatible devices and the proliferation of EtherNet/IP in Japan.

2ODVA: The ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendors Association) is a non-profit organization that consists of developers and vendors. It was established to support the worldwide proliferation of common industrial protocol (CIP) technology, such as DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet Safety, and products that use that technology. The ODVA manages specifications, provides training for developers and testing software to assist developers in cooperation with vendors, performs conformance tests and engages in marketing. For more information visit

3CIP: CIP (common industrial protocol) is an open industrial protocol for OSI application layers. It is used with networks, such as EtherNet/IP, CompoNet, and DeviceNet. Routing between networks can be easily performed when the networks are based on CIP. This enables easily building transparent networks from sensors to hosts.


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Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, OMRON Corporation is a global leader in the field of automation. Established in 1933 and headed by President & CEO Hisao Sakuta, OMRON has over 35,000 employees in 38 countries working to provide products and services to customers in a variety of fields, including industrial automation, electronic components, social systems (ticket gate machines, ticket vending machines and traffic control) and healthcare. For more information, visit OMRON's website at

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