OMRON Expands UHF RFID Reader/Writer V750 Series Targeting Major Retailers' Global Supply Chains and Other Markets


Tokyo, Japan - OMRON Corporation (TOKYO: 6645; ADR: OMRNY) has announced that it will extend its UHF RFID reader/writer V750 product line to include versions for use in China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Mexico and Brazil. The products will be released as they are developed, with the first scheduled to begin shipping from December 2007.

As international RFID standardization progresses, countries worldwide are amending their telecommunications and related laws to open up the UHF band for RFID use, while government-led projects are driving the implementation of RFID systems in a range of industries. OMRON's decision to expand the V750 product range globally reflects the company's expectations for growth opportunities in manufacturing, distribution and asset management applications, particularly in China, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

"Our US customer base includes a number of Wal-Mart suppliers whose manufacturing sites are located in Mexico, Brazil, China and Asia-Pacific. It is in these regions that RFID is really taking off now," said Masa Kameyama, US Division Manager of OMRON RFID. "Our V750 platform has already built a solid reputation in the US, Japan and South Korea. We are delighted that we can now offer this tried-and-tested product to customers operating in a wider range of countries, and so support them at both ends of their supply chain."

OMRON's V750 is a high-powered, fixed-type reader/writer. In addition to high-speed processing, the V750 features sophisticated functions that allow deployment in a variety of situations; for example, its auto tuning facility self-adjusts read parameters according to tag density, while a robust dense reader mode effectively shuts out interference. The V750 also has practical functions that can reduce information processing loads and wiring in upstream systems and simplify setup, tuning and operation.

In January 2005, OMRON released its V740 Series of reader/writers, targeting the US retail supply chain market. In response to the establishment of the EPCglobal Class1 Generation2 standard (ISO/IEC 18006-C), OMRON launched its Gen2-compliant V750 Series. To date, OMRON has released versions of the V750 reader/writer for North America (the USA and Canada) in October 2006, Japan in December 2006 and South Korea in February 2007.

New V750 Reader/Writer Versions: Shipment Schedule by Country

Country Expected shipment start date
China Late January 2008
Singapore Early December 2007
Thailand 2008 Q1 (between January and March)
Malaysia 2008 Q1 (between January and March)
Australia 2008 Q1 (between January and March)
Mexico Early February 2008
Brazil Late February 2008

V750 Reader/Writer Main Features

Feature Explanation
Single Access High speed reading of individual tags (ideal for item-level tagging).
Multi Access and Auto Tuning Reads all tags in the read range, optimizing the sequence automatically according to the number of tags detected.
External I/O Control and Self-Operation Triggered by external signal[s], the reader can conduct simple judgment or control device[s] without instruction from the host.
Channel Monitor Shows the surrounding radio wave level by channel.
DRM (Dense Reader Mode) Prevents mutual interference when multiple readers are used in close proximity.
Filtering Enables the reader to communicate with selected tags that meet pre-specified conditions.
Power Setting by Antenna Antenna output can be set individually when more than one antenna is used.

*Product specifications and functions may vary depending on the telecommunications and related laws of the country for which the product is designed.

Product Pictures: V750 Reader/Writer and Antenna

Dimensions: 246(W) x 215(H) x 43.5(D)mm

Dimensions: 256(W) x 256(H) x 57(D)mm
Customer contacts:
USA: +1-888-303-RFID (7343)
Japan: +81-3-3436-7317
China: +86-21-5888-1666
Singapore: +65-6835-3011


Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, OMRON Corporation is a global leader in the field of automation. Established in 1933 and headed by President and CEO Hisao Sakuta, OMRON has more than 33,000 employees in over 32 countries working to provide products and services to customers in a variety of fields including industrial automation, electronic components, social systems (ticket gate machines, ticket vending machines and traffic control) and healthcare. For more information, visit OMRON's website at or contact OMRON's regional offices.

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