OMRON Electronic Components Acquires Aduro Inc.


PLEASANTON, CA (Jan 11th 2006)— OMRON Corporation announced today that it has reached an agreement with Aduro, Inc to acquire the Silicon Valley manufacturer of precision high-speed optical subassemblies. The Electronic Components Business Unit (ECB) within OMRON assumed the assets of Aduro on December 30, 2005, and has established a new subsidiary called OMRON Network Products LLC (ONP), which includes the entire Aduro team.

This acquisition brings great synergy to OMRON, which has been developing a new line of optical component products including CWDM devices, passive optical switches and microlens arrays. OMRON has targeted the optical components product line as a key segment for growth of its components business. The combination of OMRON and Aduro core technologies will position OMRON as the world’s premier optical component supplier of course wave-division multiplexing (CWDM) products. With the acquisition, OMRON immediately becomes one of the leading suppliers of integrated, CWDM transmit optical subassemblies (TOSA) and receive optical subassemblies (ROSA) for the 10Gigabit Ethernet and high-definition video markets. The combined companies have already begun working with industry leaders to develop the next-generation optoelectronic components and OSAs.

10GE-LX4 Optical aubassemblyAduro was established in 2003 after buying Blaze Network Products. Aduro now has an outstanding technology base for LX4, a key optical interface defined within the 10 Gigabit Ethernet standard, which uses four multiplexed wavelengths. Aduro’s LX4 ROSA has already been accepted as the optimal solution by a number of major optical transceiver companies. Aduro is also developing new connectivity products for high-speed video transmission to and within the home.

“The acquisition brings much-desired financial resources to the company” says Brian Peters, former CEO of Aduro and now President of ONP. “Our customers, as well as the industry in general, have been pressing us to quickly ramp into mass production. The influx of capital will allow us to ramp for the LX4 transceiver market, which is gaining momentum in the marketplace, as well as several other markets including consumer electronics.” The new company plans to expand its business for FTTH and home network by developing products in collaboration with OMRON, which plans to launch ONP’s products in the Japanese market as well.

For further information, contact: OMRON Electronic Components, 55 Commerce Drive, Schaumburg, IL 60173.
Tel: 847-882-2288. Fax: 847-755-7177.

OMRON Electronic Components is a leading manufacturer and provider of advanced electronic components. Extensive product groups include optical components, relays, switches, connectors, and optical and MEMS sensors. OMRON Electronic Components is the Americas subsidiary of OMRON Corporation, a $5.6 billion global leading supplier of electronics and control system components and services.


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