Compliance Issues for Certain OMRON Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Units with regard to Referenced Environmental Standard (update 1)

June 10, 2018

This is an English translation of a statement issued on June 10.

[June 10, 2018] OMRON Corporation today issued the following updated statement regarding some of its Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units.

In some UPS products stocked by OMRON Corporation, parts have been discovered that contain materials which do not comply with internal product environmental standards (see affected products below), adopted on a voluntary basis by OMRON. The discovery was made by OMRON while conducting inspections based on such standards. In response, OMRON immediately halted shipment of the affected products. Models confirmed to be in compliance with such internal standards during the inspection are continuing to be shipped.

We are currently in the process of determining the number of units of the products in question that are not in compliance with OMRON's product environmental standards.
As soon as preparations are ready, OMRON will provide replacement products, free of charge, upon request for customers using non-compliant products that they wish to exchange for new ones. Please see notes below for contact details.


1.Affected models and products

i. Affected models: 5 UPS* product models stocked OMRON Corporation:

Model name JAN code Product description
BY35S 4536854995309 Standby power(sine wave)
/350VA/210W/Upright model
BY50S 4536854995316 Standby power(sine wave)
/500VA/300W/Upright model
BY80S 4536854990472 Standby power(sine wave)
/800VA/500W/Upright model
BY120S 4536854990496 Standby power(sine wave)
/1200VA/720W/Upright model
BY75SW 4536854998133 Standby power(sine wave)
/750VA/450W/Upright model

*This includes free warranty period extensions for service packs of the above models (models with G4, G5, G6, or G7 at the end of their model names).
*UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply, an electronic device that continues to supply power in the event that the normal power supply is cut off, as in a blackout. The affected products are designed for use with small appliances such as PCs and workstations.

ii. Total Sales of Models Potentially Affected: 554,227 units

iii. Number of Units of Affected Products: Of the models in question listed above, an investigation is currently in progress to determine the number of units not in compliance with OMRON's product environmental standards.


On a voluntary basis, Omron has implemented internal, global product environmental standards which reference the EU's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standard. Under RoHS, the use of six specific materials (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB (polybrominated biphenyl), and PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ether)) is restricted in electronic and electrical devices. To date, OMRON has received certificates from its suppliers that certify the non-inclusion of these specific substances above regulated amounts. However, during a recent internal inspection, PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ether), one of the restricted substances, was detected at amounts exceeding such OMRON internal standards in some product casings of the models in question.

OMRON immediately halted shipment of products using potentially affected parts, and in addition to notifying resellers, it conducted confirmations of product compliance with our product environmental standards. Shipment of models that were confirmed to be in compliance were resumed. The regulated chemical substance in question had been mistakenly added by the third party supplier as a flame retardant to molded parts used in the product casing. There have been no known reports of harm or injury to individuals resulting from such use of the chemical in the UPS devices.

3.Customer Support

We are currently in the process of determining the number of units of the products in question that are not in compliance with OMRON's product environmental standards. We will provide replacement products, free of charge, upon request for customers using non-compliant products they wish to exchange for new ones. We will make another announcement when preparations are ready. For any customer inquiries regarding this matter, please contact following.

  • Please contact : OMRON Electronic Equipment Customer Support Center
  • Hours : Monday through Friday (except holidays),
                 9:00~17:30 (closed 12:00~13:00), Japan time.
                 From June 11 to June 13, 9:00~19:00 (closed 12:00~13:00), Japan time.
  • Tel : 0120-77-4717(toll free number, for domestic use only) / +81-3-5781-3930
  • Fax : +81-3-6718-3632
  • Email :

4.Product Environmental Compliance Efforts

OMRON has undertaken important voluntary efforts to incorporate the best global rules into its environmental product standards. Going forward, we will be even more diligent in monitoring suppliers and will conduct voluntary inspections of parts used in our products. We will continue to take all appropriate steps to ensure our products comply with these best available global standards.

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