OMRON Named Winner of "New Diversity Management Selection 100" Project and "Nadeshiko Brand" Designation

March 29, 2018

OMRON Corporation (Headquarters: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto; President and CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) has been selected as winner of both the fiscal 2017 "New Diversity Management Selection 100" project and the "Nadeshiko Brand" designation, sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

Nadeshiko Brand

New Diversity Management Selection 100

The "New Diversity Selection 100" project is intended to recognize exemplary companies committed to promoting diversity management by empowering a diverse workforce to put their capabilities to the fullest use, and leveraging such efforts to achieve successful enhancement of corporate value. The "Nadeshiko Brand" is a project in which the METI and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) jointly select companies that are particularly outstanding in terms of empowering women as part of efforts to promote diversity at work. The selected companies are publicized for investors as blue-chip stocks with high medium- to long-term growth potential.

OMRON's medium-term management plan VG2.0 was launched in fiscal 2017, and the human resources strategy is positioned as one of the pillars supporting VG2.0. The human resources strategy for VG2.0 focuses on recruiting, training, and empowering a diverse group of employees, while also cultivating self-reliance and self-motivation. In the promotion of diversity in particular, OMRON is actively committed to setting up various initiatives (as shown below) to encourage all employees including women, people with disabilities, foreign nationals, and LGBT people, to demonstrate their distinct personality and originality at work. Through the development and empowerment of diverse talent, OMRON seeks to propel the creation of innovation by motivating all employees to actively exchange views and ideas with each other and exercise their potential to the fullest extent. In recognition of these activities in VG2.0, OMRON was selected for "New Diversity Management Selection 100" and "Nadeshiko Brand" designations for the first time.

Example of empowering women

To promote the role of women at work, OMRON provides dual-faceted support initiatives. One is the career development support initiative, in which OMRON supports female employees by helping them plan their careers and fulfill their desires for career advancement in the workplace through seminars and other means. The other initiative is the support initiative for work-life balance,1 intended to help employees balance work and care for a child or sick/elderly family member. OMRON has also set a goal to raise the percentage of women in managerial roles to 8% by the end of fiscal 2020. As for the interim progress of this effort, the percentage reached 3.3% in fiscal 2016, exceeding its target of 3.0%.

Example of empowering people with disabilities

OMRON is actively committed to increasing work opportunities for people with disabilities through its business, while also expanding opportunities for them to assume roles of greater responsibility in society. By so doing, OMRON seeks to create a society in which those with disabilities can enjoy a more fulfilling life and rewarding work. Specifically, in 1972 OMRON set up OMRON Taiyo Co., Ltd., Japan's first factory run by challenged workers, followed by a second such factory, OMRON Kyoto Taiyo Co., Ltd. in 1985.

Example of empowering foreign workers

OMRON believes that to solve social issues of a specific country/region, it is best to assign leadership positions to people who have thorough knowledge of the culture of that country/region. Accordingly, OMRON is dedicated to fostering local employees who can take on leading roles at its overseas sites. There are about 80 core positions at these sites, and OMRON is working to increase the percentage of these positions that are filled by local members. OMRON's goal is to raise this percentage from 49% in fiscal 2016 to 66% by the end of fiscal 2020.

Enhancing awareness of LGBT

OMRON has declared its diversity promotion policy that also addresses LGBT internally and externally, continuously covering LGBT issues with its human rights training targeting all employees. The training program has been upgraded every year, by confirming the level of understanding regarding LGBT among employees.

Going forward, OMRON will continue to promote diversity in the workplace so as to drive the creation of innovation. At the same time, OMRON will strive to solve social issues through practice of the OMRON Principles, as the company seeks to achieve solid growth and sustainable enhancement of its corporate value.

1 The work-life support initiatives are available for eligible employees regardless of gender.

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