OMRON to Introduce 144 Models in 2 Categories to World, Fourth Wave of FA Devices Built on Common Design Platform

September 25, 2017

OMRON Corporation (HQ: Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto. President and CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) will introduce to the world on October 2, 2017, the fourth wave of factory automation (FA) control devices built on a common design platform for unified product specifications, for further innovation in control panel building. The products will be the following 144 models in 2 categories: E5CD-B and E5ED-B series Digital Temperature Controllers and Push-in Plus Terminal Block Types of A22NE-P Emergency Stop Pushbutton Switches.

Based on a wide range of products, OMRON has been continuing to work for the innovation of making control panels which house and control FA devices on the production front line.
OMRON unified the design and size of FA devices, and introduced products which are built with the company's proprietary wiring method, "Terminal block with Push-In Plus technology" for device and control panel makers in need of "downsizing and space-saving" of FA devices and control panels, "expedited delivery" and "response to globalization."
We have expanded the product lineup to 16,815 models in 41 categories since its first introduction in April 2016.
The products have been adopted on the front line of manufacturing by more than 10,000 global companies and produced the following effects.

  • A manufacturer of semiconductor production equipment reduced the control panel size by approximately 30% and the wiring lead time by half.
  • A manufacture of conveyance machines reduced the control panel size by approximately 30% and the work for installation and maintenance by 30%.

OMRON set forth a strategic concept called "innovative-Automation!" * consisting of three innovations or "i's"--"integrated" (control evolution), "intelligent" (development of intelligence by ICT), and "interactive" (new harmonization between people and machines).OMRON currently has the most comprehensive automation product portfolio in the world that spans the spectrum of ILO+S (input, logic, output+safety) and robotics, providing the foundation for the innovation of manufacturing by "innovative-Automation!".
With a wide range of FA devices with the unified design platform, OMRON will continue to work with manufacturers for the innovation of manufacturing by meeting a variety of challenges in manufacturing control panels.

New products to be sold and their features:

Digital Temperature Controllers: E5CD-B, E5ED-B

E5_D series Digital Temperature Controllers were released in April 2017 and automatically adjust temperature parameters, which was the first in the industry. The automatic adjustment used to depend on experience and intuition of skilled workers. They have gotten favorable reviews since their introduction in April 2017. OMRON adds the E5CD-B and E5ED-B series with Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks which feature easier wiring.
E5_D-B has Terminal blocks with Push-In Plus technology which were independently developed by OMRON. They help reduce the time and work involved in wiring. The structure allows rear insertion, eliminates the need to secure space on the right and left, and helps improve the freedom in panel surface design.

Connection method: Push-In Plus terminal blocks
Input sampling period: 50ms
Control output: Selected from relay output or voltage output for driving SSR, or linear current output

Digital Temperature Controllers: E5CD-B, E5ED-B

Emergency Stop Pushbutton Switches: A22NE-P

A22NE-P series Push-in Plus Terminal Block Types are added to A22E series Emergency Stop Pushbutton Switches.
Introducing OMRON's unique Terminal blocks with Push-In Plus technology reduces wiring work and has reduced the volume by 20 to 30% comparing to conventional screw terminal block types.
The structure allows rear insertion, eliminates the need to secure space above and below, and helps improve the freedom in panel surface design.

Connection method: Push-In Plus terminal blocks (Up to 3 units can be mounted.)
Size (inside depth including the panel):
  39.5 mm (When a one-contact unit or a lighting unit is mounted.)
  55 mm (When a two-contact unit is mounted.)

Emergency Stop Pushbutton Switches: A22NE-P

* "innovative-Automation!"
Recently, OMRON has developed a manufacturing innovation concept, called "innovative-Automation!" With this concept, OMRON is currently committed to bringing innovation to manufacturing sites through three key innovations, or three "i's." Through these innovations, OMRON aims to enable significant productivity improvements in manufacturing sites in order to enhance high-value-added manufacturing. With the first "i" "integrated" (control evolution), OMRON will seek to advance automated control technology so that virtually any operator, even inexperienced operators, can effortlessly perform work that previously required the expertise of experienced workers. With the second "i" "intelligent" (development of intelligence by ICT), OMRON seeks to create constantly evolving equipment and production lines. By adopting a wide range of control devices and artificial intelligence (AI), machines can learn through experience and contribute to optimal maintenance. For the third "i," "interactive" (new harmonization between people and machines), OMRON will pursue the development of a new harmonious relationship between human operators and machines. Working together in the same workspace, machines will be able to assist human operators by recognizing human intentions and behavior.

About OMRON Corporation

OMRON Corporation is a global leader in the field of automation based on its core technology of "Sensing & Control + Think." Established in 1933, OMRON has about 36,000 employees worldwide, working to provide products and services in 117 countries. The company's business fields cover a broad spectrum, ranging from industrial automation and electronic components to automotive electronics, social infrastructure systems, healthcare, and environmental solutions.
In the field of industrial automation, OMRON supports manufacturing innovation by providing advanced automation technology and products, as well as through extensive customer support, in order to help create a better society.
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