OMRON to Introduce 36 Models in 4 Categories to World, Third Wave of FA Devices Built on Common Design Platform

March 30, 2017

OMRON Corporation (TSE: 6645, ADR: OMRNY) will introduce to the world on April 3, 2017, the third wave of factory automation (FA) control devices built on a common design platform for unified product specifications, for further innovation in control panel building.

Based on a wide range of products, OMRON has been continuing to work for the innovation of making control panels which house and control FA devices on the production front line.
OMRON unified the design and size of FA devices, and introduced products which are built with the company's proprietary wiring technology "Push-In Plus Terminal Block" for device and control panel makers in need of "downsizing and space-saving" of FA devices and control panels, "expedited delivery" and "response to globalization."
The first wave in April 2016 and the second wave in October 2016 of Value Design products were introduced. They have been adopted on the front line of manufacturing by more than 7,000 global companies and received a high evaluation. For example, a manufacturer of semiconductor production equipment reduced the control panel size by 30% and the wiring lead time by half, when they adopted our Value Design products.

The third wave of 36 models in 4 categories can achieve even simpler wiring with a wider product range. They are in high demand at client production sites which have adopted the first and second wave products.

Major additions to product lineups

XW5T Terminal Blocks:
Models with multi-tier terminal blocks a width of 5.2-mm and 6.2-mm join XW5T Terminal Blocks.
Their maximum applicable wire size is expanded*. This expanded lineup can save space and reduce wiring work in more control panels.

G70V I/O Relay Terminals:
Models in which wiring can be crossed-over join G70V I/O Relay Terminals to reduce wiring work by 25% compared to the previous models.

K7L-[][]B Liquid Leakage Sensor Amplifiers
New models with sensor disconnection detection supporting plus common connection are added to respond to the revised SEMI-S2.

S8VK-S Switch Mode Power Supplies
30-W models, smallest class capacity are added to released 60-W, 120-W, 240-W and 480-W models for wider applications.

* Maximum applicable wire size with stranded wires: 2.5 mm2/4.0 mm2

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New products and their features:

DIN Track Terminal Blocks: XW5T

The XW5T DIN Track Push-in Plus Terminal Blocks double its lineup from 18 to 36 models. For terminal blocks with a width of 5.2 mm (maximum rated current: 24 A) and 6.2 mm (maximum rated current: 32 A), internal wiring of 1:2 and 2:2 type for branching and 2 tier type for space-saving are added. The workability and reliability of the XW5T with OMRON's unique Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks can be used for wider applications.

Connection method: Push-In Plus terminal blocks
Width: 3.5 mm, 5.2 mm, 6.2 mm
Maximum applicable wire size: 1.5 mm²(AWG14), 4.0 mm²(AWG12), 6.0 mm²(AWG10)


Push-In Plus Terminal Block Series: G70V (internal connection models)

The G70V I/O Relay Terminals from Push-In Plus Terminal Block series, released in April 2016, now have models with internal connections between I/O terminals and in which wiring can be crossed-over. The input models have 16 points/common and output models have 4 points/common X 4 to increase the freedom in cross-over wiring and greatly reduce wiring work.

G70V I/O Relay Terminals
Connection method: Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks
I/O: inputs, outputs
Number of I/O points: 16 points
Internal connections between I/O terminals: input models: 16 points/common, output models: 4 points/common X 4
Common line on connector side: NPN, PNP

G70V (internal connection models)

Liquid Leakage Sensor Amplifiers with sensor disconnection detection supporting plus common output (PNP) type: K7L-AT50DPB/-UDPB

For the slim shape and high-precision liquid leakage detection, the K7L series has been utilized in a wide range of fields including semiconductor production equipment and building automation. A self-diagnosis function to detect disconnection of sensing bands (sensor part) and plus common outputs will detect liquid leakage which can lead to facility failure and stoppage more safely for worry-free use.

Connection method: Push-In Plus terminal blocks
Output configuration: plus common, 30 VDC, 100 mA
Dimension (WHD) of main body and Push-In Socket: 15.5 mm/90 mm/83 mm
Safety standards: CE, UL(Recognition), UL(Listed), and S mark


Switch Mode Power Supplies: S8VK-S (30 W)

New 30-W models join the S8VK-S series. The wider lineup of the S8VK-S series meets customer needs for a small-capacity system, and modification or addition of components to control panels. Environmental resistance, the strength of the S8VK-S, is the same (ambient operating temperature range of -40 to 70°C and others) for stable operation in various environments.

Connection method: Push-In Plus terminal blocks
Power rating: 30 W
Dimension (WHD): 32 mm/90 mm/90 mm

S8VK-S (30 W)

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