OMRON to Introduce E5CD/E5ED Temperature Controllers
Which Automatically Adjust Temperature like Skilled Workers Using AI for Production Sites, First Time in Industry

March 29, 2017

OMRON Corporation (TSE: 6645, ADR: OMRNY) will introduce on April 3, 2017, "E5CD/E5ED Temperature Controllers" to automatically adjust temperature parameters of heaters and others using AI that used to be done by skilled workers at production sites and "E52-CA xx AY S xx Temperature Sensors for Packaging Machines".

OMRON will showcase the "E5CD/E5ED Temperature Controllers" and "E52-CA xx AY S xx Temperature Sensors for Packaging Machines" at "2017 International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition" to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from June 13 to 16.

E5CD/E5ED Temperature Controllers
E5CD/E5ED Temperature Controllers
E52-CAxxAY S xx Temperature Sensors for Packaging Machines
E52-CAxxAY S xx Temperature Sensors for Packaging Machines

The newly released E5CD/E5ED Temperature Controllers include OMRON's unique temperature adjustment algorithm. The E5CD and E5ED automatically adjust temperature parameters that until now skilled workers have been doing based on experience and intuition in response to production status changes, including production items and materials compounding.

At today's production sites, multi-product production makes manufacturing highly complicated. This accelerates production transfer to emerging countries for optimally located production, leading to product defects and lower productivity resulting from worker skill shortage. Especially in the molding and packaging processes, temperature adjustment required when production items change is not properly done. To avoid quality loss that is caused by temperature, the equipment operation speed slows down and inspection work takes more time at the expense of productivity.

In response, OMRON developed the E5CD/E5ED Temperature Controllers that include adaptive control technology for the first time in the industry and temperature adjustment algorithm for molding and packaging machines using our know-how on temperature control gained over the years. The Temperature Controllers will automatically update parameters to the optimum values according to the heater startup. This will eliminate manual adjustment work, achieve high-speed operation of equipment, maintain productivity, and contribute to enhancing quality.

* According to an investigation by OMRON of general-purpose temperature controllers for FA as of March 2017.


  1. "Adaptive control technology" automatically controls the temperature so that optimum state is always maintained.
    The PID is always updated automatically to the optimum value to reduce heater startup time. The technology adjusts parameters to the optimum value as well when temperatures vary suddenly due to changes in the facility system and environment, thus minimizing product defects.

  2. Temperature Sensors for Packaging Machines and "automatic filter adjustment" algorithm reduce adjustment work.
    Our newly developed Temperature Sensors for Packaging Machines accurately measure seal surface temperature of packaging materials. The Temperature Sensor includes an "automatic filter adjustment function" that suppresses the heater's temperature variations based on the measured value. It will greatly reduce the adjustment work along with changes in packaging speed and materials.

  3. An algorithm for molding machines, "water-cooling output adjustment function" maximizes production capability.
    A "water-cooling output adjustment function" constantly understands and automatically suppresses temperature variations which caused by system changes triggering changes in operation speed, materials compounding, and cooling water to maximize the production capability of molding machines.

Main specifications

Temperature Controllers

Model E5CD
Size (mm) Front panel: 48 x 48, Depth: 60 Front panel: 48 x 96, Depth: 60
Sensor input All models: Thermocouple, platinum resistance thermometer, infrared temperature sensor (ES1B), or analog input (voltage/current); switchable.
Indication accuracy
(at the ambient temperature of 23°C)
(±0.3% of indication value or ±1°C, whichever is greater) ±1 digit max.
Platinum resistance thermometer:
(±0.2% of indication value or ±0.8°C, whichever is greater) ±1 digit max.
Analog input: ±0.2% FS ±1 digit max.
CT input: ±5% FS ±1 digit max.
Input sampling period 50 ms
Control output Relay output, voltage output (for driving SSR)
Terminal type M3 screw terminal block
Approved standards UL, KC, CE

Temperature Sensors for Packaging Machines

Model E52-CAAY S
Type Lead wire type
Element type K
Temperature range
(Temperature range of sleeve)
0 to 650°C
(0 to 260°C)
Protective tubing
length (mm)
Protective tubing
diameter (mm)
1 dia.
Compensating conductor 7 core/30 core
Temperature measuring junction Grounded type

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