OMRON Introduces Two Hundred Models of
Oil-resistant Components,
Providing Stable Operation for Automobile Production Lines

June 29, 2016

OMRON Corporation (TSE: 6645, ADR: OMRNY) will introduce on July 1, 2016, two hundred models of "Environment-resistant Series Oil-resistant Components (hereinafter called the Oil-resistant Components)" including sensors and switches with enhanced durability to cutting oils*1 used on automobile production lines.

The two hundred new models of the Oil-resistant Components cover the major devices for factory automation (hereinafter called FA devices) including sensors and switches used in automobile machining processes. All models are designed to resist oil ingress for four years. Strengthening the product lineup of components with superior environmental resistance greatly reduces the risk of sudden stops in production equipment. OMRON's new Oil-resistant Components will contribute to long-term stable operation of automobile production lines.

In machining processes, failure of FA devices installed in production equipment causes sudden stops in the equipment. These sudden stops are directly linked to decrease in production capacity and shortfalls in production. Several factors can contribute to failures; for example, vibration, shock, ambient temperature, and the effects of dust particles. Most importantly, ingress of cutting oil accounts for 30%*2 of failures. The use of water-soluble cutting oils high in alkaline components has increased, which accelerates deterioration of rubber and resin parts. In a short period of time, part deterioration causes failures in FA devices and becomes a critical factor in reduced operation rates. In addition, at automobile manufacturers conducting global business, it may take time for the local employees to provide maintenance services, so demand for FA devices which are less likely to break down due to cutting oil has grown significantly.

In response, OMRON collaborated with a leading cutting oil manufacturer to develop the Oil-resistant Components. By thoroughly analyzing the ingress path of water-soluble cutting oils in FA devices, strengthening sealing materials and improving existing sealing methods, OMRON established itself as a leader in oil-resistant products. Based upon OMRON's evaluation standards, our products have a four-year resistance to cutting oils.
OMRON will continuously strengthen its "Environment-resistant Series", tackle a variety of issues at manufacturing sites with its unique technologies, and bring innovation to manufacturing for long-term stable operation.

*1. Cutting oil: used in machining and manufacture of metal products to minimize friction and cool the products

*2. According to OMRON investigation

Key Features

Strengthening of Materials

  • Fluororesin, which is less likely to deteriorate, is used for the cable sheath, preventing penetration of cutting oil into the cable.

  • OMRON-developed new fluorinated rubber material is used in seals for joints and moving sections to improve oil resistance.

Advanced Sealing Methods

  • Heat-sealing and laser welding block the ingress of cutting oil, even when sealing gaps between two different materials.

    Method for Complete Sealing without Adhesive

Establishment of the Unique Structure

  • An aluminum ring bushing is compressed against the flouroresin part of the fiber core, sealing the structure. This prevents the ingress of cutting oil from the joined surfaces.

  • Combination of the Smartclick structure that constantly tightens connectors and the new fluorinated rubber material prevents the ingress of cutting oil between connectors.

OMRON's Unique Evaluation Technology

  • In addition to the ingress protection (JIS C 0920 IP67G*)analysis, OMRON performs tests based on its unique, strict evaluation standards.

  • As one of the evaluation methods, OMRON uses undiluted water-soluble cutting oils which are harmful to rubber and resin.

*.The IP67G is the degree of protection which is defined according to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards).
The IP67 indicates the same level of protection as defined by the IEC, and the G indicates that a device has resistance to oil.

New Oil-resistant Components

  • Oil-resistant Proximity Sensor E2ER/E2ERZ
    Item Standard Proximity Sensors Chip-immune Proximity Sensors
    Size M8 M12 M18 M30 M12 M18 M30
    Sensing distance 2 mm
    3 mm
    7 mm
    10 mm
    2 mm
    4 mm
    8 mm
    Differential travel 15% max. of sensing distance 10% max. of sensing distance 20% max. of sensing distance

    Oil-resistant Proximity Sensor E2ER/E2ERZ

  • Oil-resistant Limit Switch D4ER-[]N
    Item Cable type Pre-wired Connector type
    Actuator Roller Plunger, Crossroller Plunger, Plunger, Sealed Roller Plunger, Sealed Crossroller Plunger, Roller Lever, Long Roller Plunger
    Durability Mechanical 4,000,000 operations min.
    Electrical · 500,000 operations min.
    (Standard load: 1 A at 30 VDC, resistive load; Micro load: 0.1 A at 30 VDC, resistive load)
    · 4,000,000 operations min. (10 mA at 24 VDC, resistive load)
    Operating speed 0.1 mm/s to 0.5 m/s
    Operating frequency Mechanical: 120 operations/min, Electrical: 30 operations/min

    Oil-resistant Limit Switch D4ER-[]N

  • Oil-resistant Fiber Unit E32-T11NF
    Item Through-beam Fiber Unit
    Sensing distance 4000 mm

    Oil-resistant Fiber Unit E32-T11NF

  • Oil-resistant Photoelectric Sensor E3ZR-C (On sale soon)
    Item Through-beam Model Retro-reflective Model Diffuse-reflective Model
    Sensing distance 30 m 2.5 m 0.5 m
    Light source (wavelength) Orange LED
    (626 nm)
    Red LED
    (660 nm)
    Orange LED
    (626 nm)
    Dimensions 15 × 30.3 × 40.3 mm (W × D × H) (Mounting pitch: 25.4 mm)

    Oil-resistant Photoelectric Sensor E3ZR-C

  • Oil-resistant Connector XS5[]R
    Item Socket on one cable end Socket and plug on cable ends
    Cable length 2m, 5m, 10 m 2m, 5m, 10 m

    Oil-resistant Connector XS5[]R

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