OMRON Introducing "Q-upAuto" Next-generation Quality Control System
- Contributing to defect prevention and productivity improvement in mounting process -

May 18, 2016

OMRON Corporation (HQ: Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto. CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) will launch the "Next-generation Q-upAuto Quality Control System" (hereafter "Q-upAuto"), capable of integrating inspection information and facility operation information based on linkage among inspection and mounting machines on PCB mounting lines, in December 2016. "Q-upAuto" provides a framework to simplify quality control of the entire PCB mounting line, which conventionally has required highly technical knowledge and enormous working hours, thus contributing to defect prevention and enhanced productivity.

OMRON exhibits "Q-upAuto" and demonstrates its functions at the FUJI MACHINE MFG. booth in JISSO PROTEC exhibition held from June 1 to 3 at Tokyo Big Sight.

OMRON has supported PCB mounting quality control and analysis activities at numerous manufacturing sites, since launching "the Q-upNavi series quality control system" in 2005. Incorporated with the industry-first "process reference function", in which PCB mounting process inspection results (image and digital data) are specifically linked to individual PCBs and components for visualization, Q-upNavi has continuously provided customer companies with an environment allowing early detection of defect causes. "Q-upAuto", the newly developed system has evolved, with an upgraded version of the defect analysis platform found in the Q-upNavi series, providing tools for defect cause identification among multiple factors and extraction of optimal setting conditions (parameters) for individual facilities, based on their final quality inspection, all of which has been a long-held issue in the PCB mounting process.

Specifically, the new system links quantitative inspection results obtained with "VT-S730 PCB Inspection System" (installed at the end of process) to mounter operation information for identifying defect causes in multiple processes including print, mount and reflow. By using this, users can quickly and accurately control and adjust the entire process by referring to analysis results provided by "Q-upAuto". It also becomes possible to extract the optimal parameters for each process based on the final, post-reflow inspection result by exploiting information obtained from inspection systems individually installed at the print, mount and reflow processes.

In addition, OMRON starts "Q-upAuto" effect verification test at its Kusatsu factory, through collaboration with FUJI MACHINE MFG, a major mounter manufacturer and CKD cooperation, a major post-print inspection manufacturer in Japan, starting in July 2016. Furthermore, it is also promoting "Q-upAuto" incorporation projects at various facilities including mounting lines, aiming to establish a system, in which "anyone can operate a swift and accurate cycle of quality control" and provide "a quality control PDCA tool".

OMRON constantly strives to support manufacturing sites to maintain stable high quality and enhanced productivity, alongside global manufacturers engaged in challenging manufacturing innovation activities.

Presenting new values by linking inspection and mounting systems

  1. Detection and correction of mounter-originated sudden defect causes
    Mounter-related defects are detected and notified instantly.
    Pinpoint identification of research target is possible, thanks to listed defect component and mounting information.
    As a result, line stop time can be reduced, contributing to productivity improvement.

    Detection and correction of mounter-originated sudden defect causes
  2. Defect prevention
    The system outputs notification when detecting mounter-related quality degradation such as component mounting shift variations.
    Effective not only to prevent defects, but also to know the timing for mounter machine maintenance and required part replacement.

  3. Checking improvement result on mounter
    Checking defect correction result or post-correction quality deterioration is possible by collecting mounter-related correction information and comparing auto-saved pre- and post-correction results.
    Easy verification and visualization of correction operation and its effects are possible.

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