OMRON to Introduce 952 Models, in 20 Categories, of FA Devices to World
All Devices Built on Common Design Platform for Control Panel Innovation.

March 15, 2016

OMRON Corp., Kyoto City, will introduce to the world on April 1, 2016, a total of 952 models, in 20 categories, as a new family of factory automation (FA) control devices built on a common design platform for unified product specifications.

In addition to the across-the-board design and size unification, the new FA devices are built with the company's proprietary wiring technology "Push-In Plus Terminal Block" aimed for contributing to downsizing "control panels," which house and control FA devices on the production front line, ensuring improved reliability and cutting back on production processes.

Moreover, as it begins to introduce the FA devices built on the unified design platform, OMRON will strengthen its global support services to help manufacture control panels.

OMRON believes that the introduction of the FA devices and the provision of new support services will have a great combined effect achieved by providing a wide variety of devices built on a common platform, make it possible to innovate control panels themselves, the heart of the production front line, support every person involved in control panels, and also innovate all processes of control panels, all the way from design to shipment.

Recently, manufacturing companies, facing pressure to upgrade manufacturing equipment to meet the changing business climate, including market globalization and the diversification of end products, are trying to cope with it by installing an increased number of FA devices in control panels.

Also, while it is becoming essential for manufacturers to speed up production equipment startup, they are nonetheless face serious labor shortages as a result of a decrease in the labor force in general and skilled workers in particular.

Under these circumstances, OMRON held hearing sessions with 300 global customers, focusing on challenges and needs they have in designing and manufacturing control panels. OMRON developed the FA devices built on the common platform as well as new support services for device and control panel makers in need of "downsizing and space-saving" of FA devices and control panels, "expedited delivery," and "response to globalization."

Meeting challenges in making control panels by offering FA devices and support services:

  1. Making downsizing and space-saving control panels
    • By unifying the design and size of FA devices to be housed in a control panel, the dead space in the panel will be reduced, in comparison with an old model, by 50% horizontally, 20% vertically, and 30% cubically. (*1)

    (*1) Values obtained in a simulated case.

  2. Expediting delivery of control panels
    • "Push-In Plus Terminal Block" incorporating OMRON's proprietary technology for wiring reduces the number of wiring processes by 60% as compared with the conventional "screw-type terminal block." It improved wiring efficiency and reliability by a large margin.
    • Launching the website "Panel Assist Web" dedicated to providing support services in time for the global introduction of the FA devices. The website offers easy-to-use the "Product Selection Function" for searching necessary FA devices and managing the selected ones as part of the "Component List."
    • Panel Assist Web also offers "Library Product Download" for efficiently designing electrical CAD in combination with the Component List, "Thermal Simulation Tool" for checking heat risks in the control panel in advance, and "Terminal Block Support Tool" for selecting an appropriate terminal block, locating an installation space available, and checking applicable wires. The website will be instrumental in expediting delivery.
    • The website will also offer practical education assistance content and a technical guide for training engineers working on the design and manufacture of control panels. The function will not only help expedite the manufacture and delivery of control panels but also alleviate labor shortages.
  3. Response to globalization of control panels
    • OMRON has developed a global network of emergency distribution bases in 35 countries to support control panel exports. As the new products are introduced, the company's European base will be stocked with an increased amount and variety of the control panel devices, including the existing products.
    • All devices have acquired necessary certifications, including UL Listed, CE, and CSA.

    For more details please visit:

OMRON is working on the innovation of manufacturing on the front line of production by the "3-i" automation in the "integrated," "intelligent" and "interactive" spheres. OMRON currently has the most comprehensive automation product portfolio in the world that spans the spectrum of ILO+S (input, logic, output+safety) and robotics, providing the foundation for the innovation of manufacturing by the "3-i" automation.

Based on a wide range of products, OMRON will continue to work with manufacturers for the innovation of manufacturing, providing products and services that will help meet a variety of challenges in manufacturing control panels.

New products to be sold and their features:

  1. World's smallest-class (*2), globally applicable power supply series: S8VK-S
    The S8VK-S Switch Mode Power Supply has a compact body with 36% less volume than previous OMRON products, made possible by using OMRON's unique technologies.
    The Power Supply allows side-by-side mounting in close contact to reduce the footprint, which helps downsize control panels.
    It also meets a broad scope of certification standards and ensures stable operation in a wide range of environments with greater environmental resistance such as a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 70 degree Celsius.
    (*2) According to OMRON survey in November 2015.

    • Connection method: Push-In Plus terminal blocks
    • Power rating: 60W, 120W (power supply models with other output voltages are also scheduled to be launched.)
    • Dimension (WHD): 60W type: 32mm/90mm/90mm
      120W type: 55mm/90mm/90mm


  2. Globally applicable (*3) power monitor series: KM-N2
    The KM-N2 offers all power-monitoring functions required for in-panel installation in one unit.
    The use of general-purpose CTs (current transformers) enables the power monitor to be used at a variety of manufacturing sites. The wide-range design including single-phase to three-phase 4-wire power monitors is compatible with power supplies around the world, and provides measurements of up to four circuits in one unit.
    The power monitor also features precise measurements (IEC class 0.5S), incorrect wiring detection, and large, easy-to-read, white LCD characters, thus offering solutions from designing to startup.
    (*3) VTs are required in some regions.

    • Connection method: Power supply terminals: M3.5 screws (round crimp terminals); communication and output terminals: Push-in Plus terminal blocks
    • Applicable phase-wiring methods: Single-phase two-wire, single-phase three-wire, three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire systems
    • Maximum number of measured circuits: Single-phase two-wire system: 4 circuits; single-phase three-wire or three-phase three-wire system: 2 circuits; three-phase four-wire system: 1 circuit


  3. DIN 17.5-mm-wide slim timer series for in-panel application: H3DT
    The H3DT Timer is designed to be mounted within control panels.
    The timer comes with an industry-leading (*4) slim body, 17.5 mm wide even for two relay outputs, helping downsize control panels. The H3DT's power consumption is up to 60% lower than that of previous OMRON timers and reduces the DC power supply load for an entire control panel.
    The expected service life is more than three times that of previous OMRON timers, which reduces the work and cost involved in replacement and other maintenance duties.
    (*4) According to OMRON survey in November 2015.

    • Connection method: Push-in Plus terminal blocks
    • Types: Multi-functional Timers, Power ON-delay Timers, Twin Timers, Star-delta Timers, Power OFF-delay Timers
    • Safety standards: cULus (UL 508 CSA C22.2 No.14), CCC, LR, DNV GL (*5), EN 61812-1, IEC 60664-1 4kV/2
      (*5) Certification is pending for DNV GL.


  4. Industry's first (*6) measuring and monitoring relay series with transistor outputs: K8DT
    The K8DT measuring and monitoring relay series includes nine models such as current-monitoring relays, voltage-monitoring relays, phase-sequence phase-loss relays (to prevent reverse operation), temperature-monitoring relays and conductive level controllers (floatless switches), and they are ideal for motor protection, prevention of excessive temperature increases in heaters, or water level control.
    In addition to relays with a relay output, those with a transistor output are available for greater reliability when directly connected to PC/PLC.
    (*6) According to OMRON survey in November 2015.

    • Connection method: Push-In Plus terminal blocks
    • Input signal: Voltage, current (current transformer), temperature (thermocouple or platinum resistance thermometer), water level (electrode)
    • Alarm output: Selected from relay output or transistor output


  5. Digital temperature controller series with Push-in Plus terminal blocks: E5xxC-B
    In addition to the digital temperature controller series E5xxC which has gotten favorable reviews due to their good performance, easy-to-read panels, and ease of use since their introduction in December 2011, OMRON adds the E5xxC-B series with Push-in Plus terminal blocks which feature easy wiring.
    Along with the basic performance of the E5xxC series, the E5xxC-B series uses Push-in Plus terminal blocks to help reduce the time and work involved in wiring by just inserting wires without using tools.
    Temperature sensors with ferrules are also available to use with the temperature controllers to help reduce the time and work involved in wiring.

    • Connection method: Push-in Plus terminal blocks
    • Input sampling period: 50 msec
    • Control output: Selected from relay output or voltage output for driving SSR


  6. DIN rail terminal block with minimum width of 3.5 mm: XW5T
    The XW5T DIN uses Push-in Plus terminal blocks. The minimum width of 3.5 mm saves wiring work and installation space.
    OMRON also provides a web service (terminal block support tool) which helps select terminal blocks.
    OMRON offers both products -- including terminal blocks -- and services to help reduce the work involved in the control panel design and manufacturing processes.

    • Connection method: Push-in Plus terminal blocks
    • Width: 3.5 mm, 5.2 mm, 6.2 mm
    • Maximum applicable standard wire: 1.5 square millimeters (AWG14), 4.0 square millimeters (AWG12), 6.0 square millimeters (AWG10)


  7. Low heat-generating solid state relay series for single-phase heaters: G3PJ
    The G3PJ solid state relay (SSRs) series for single-phase heaters has a slim body with a 22.5 mm width for DIN rail mounting and is approximately 50% slimmer than previous OMRON relays.
    The low heat-generating SSR, which can carry 25 A current even with close-contact mounting of three SSRs, helps save more space and downsize control panels. (*7)
    The SSR complies with safety standards such as for reinforced insulation, which helps reduce the time required for the application process when certification is obtained for control panels or when components are changed.
    (*7) G3PJ-xx25B (-PU)

    • Connection method (for input terminals): Push-in Plus terminal blocks or screw terminal blocks
    • Rated load voltage: 24 to 240 VAC, 100 to 480 VAC
    • Rated load current for three close-mounted SSRs: 15 A, 25 A


  8. Push-In Plus terminal block relay series:
    In addition to a wide selection of relays, OMRON provides the easy-to-use Push-in Plus terminal block relay series. All relays in this series come with release levers as a standard for easy relay locking and releasing.
    The ability to be installed with either the top or bottom facing up enables flexible, efficient wiring inside panels. OMRON also provides many accessories that make I/O products more convenient.

    • PYF-PU (sockets for MY relays)
    • P2RF-PU (sockets for G2R-S relays)
    • G2RV-SR/G3RV-SR (slim I/O relays)
    • G70V (I/O relay terminals)

    Push-in Plus terminal block relay series

About OMRON Corporation

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