News Investment in CogSmart Co., Ltd.

OMRON Ventures Co., LTD. (HQ:Minato-Ku, Tokyo. CEO: Tomoko Inoue) is pleased to announce that it has made an investment in CogSmart Co., Ltd.(HQ:Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo. CEO:Akira Higuchi, CSO: Yasuyuki Taki [1]), a unique solution provider of prevention management for dementia patients at early stages.
[1] Professor, Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University / Co-Deputy Director, Smart Ageing International Research Center, Tohoku University

CogSmart utilises modern technology with the latest brain science based on the clinical evidence and can develop new ways to bridge the gap between science and society, moving towards a better smart-aging society. CogSmart has already commercialized the preventive healthcare software “BrainSuite®” which enables the detection in the risk of dementia and the decline of cognitive functions from early stage, that is highly understandable for both doctors and examinees and serves as an highly effective communication tool.

Dementia is a major health concern globally due to the extreme acceleration of aging populations. Long-term care in hospital, homes, or nursing due to dementia have caused an escalating medical, social and healthcare cost which devastated individuals and their families, profoundly affecting their quality of life.
To overcome these issues, OMRON Ventures aims to contribute to controlling symptoms of dementia patients by supporting the business and development of CogSmart. The aim of CogSmart and OMRON Ventures is to realize a solution that allows people to live a healthy life in the age 100-years old by reducing the incidence of dementia to zero.

CogSmart Co., Ltd. Company Profile

Company Name CogSmart Co., Ltd.
CEO Akira Higuchi
CSO Yasuyuki Taki
Location Tokyo, JAPAN
Founding date 2019
Business description Solution provider of prevention management for dementia patients at early stages.