News Investment in Terrals Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

OMRON Ventures Co., Ltd. (CEO: Tomoko Inoue) is pleased to announce that it has made an investment in Terrals Technologies Pvt (headquartered in Bangalore, India), which is the biggest provider of chronic disease management services such as diabetes, hypertension etc. and develops a telemedicine platform for physicians and provides a variety of products and services such as testing, medicine and insurance.

In recent years, the surge of number of patients in chronic diseases such as lifestyle diseases and respiratory diseases including asthma has become a global social issue. It is being exacerbated by variations in medical quality such as a shortage of doctors and regional dis parities in the medical system.

Aiming to solve these problems, OMRON Ventures supports the development and dissemination of the telemedicine platform of Terrals, which has already established a unique position in India.

In addition, Terrals are already collaborating with OMRON Healthcare in India. By supporting the business growth of Terrals, we aim together to realize "Zero Events", which eliminates the onset of serious life-threatening brain and cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and myocardial infarction.

Terrals Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Company Name Terrals Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
CEO Sumit Sinha
Location Bangalore, India
Founding date 2017
Business description Operation of online remote patient management service platform Phablecare